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Greenrise Announces Appointment of Frank Otto to the Board of Directors and Closing of the Acquisition of Control of CannaCare Health GmbH

TORONTO, April 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Franchise Global Health Inc. (“Global Franchise” or the “Company”) (TSXV: FGH) is pleased to announce that the Company’s wholly-owned Danish subsidiary, Rangers Pharmaceutical A/S (“Rangers”), has successfully established Europe’s first legal and registered seed bank in Copenhagen. , in Denmark. In 2021, it received a third-party audited value of C$9.5 million.

The seed bank, which is arguably the largest in the world, and the 286 strains it contains, including several world-class genetics and the winners of 19 Cannabis Cups, is a key part of Franchise’s intellectual property strategy. Global and exemplifies Franchise Global’s longstanding heritage of superior quality. . The seed bank is licensed to store, sell and export cannabis seeds worldwide under legal international trade frameworks and import/export permits.

Franchise Global decided to offer a number of strains to the market and subsequently signed numerous seed order forms and strategic agreements with many emerging cannabis growers and wholesalers to further expand global marketing opportunities. . These orders will be executed over the next few quarters, creating a new revenue stream for the Company and consolidating new global strategic alliances. Franchise Global will retain its most distinguished strains for its own in-house flower production for global markets.

Executive Chairman and CEO of Franchise Global, Clifford Starke, said: “Our goal is to become Europe’s most trusted source of high quality EU-GMP cannabis. This will be achieved in part by establishing our seed bank as a source of high quality Cannabis-Cup winning genetics. It’s basically 30 years of intellectual property from landraces around the world with a strong genetic heritage, including Thailand, Colombia, and other highly sought-after sources of origin.

About Global Franchise
Franchise Global, through its subsidiaries, is a multinational operator in the medical and pharmaceutical cannabis industries, with primary operations in Germany and with operations, assets, strategic partnerships and investments internationally. Franchise Global’s business objective is to develop a leading fully integrated European medical cannabis business, with the aim of providing pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis to distribution partners and ultimately patients, at competitive prices. competitive.

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