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Gorilla Cookies Cannabis Strain Information and Review 2022

When mentioning the Gorilla Cookies strain, it’s easy to get confused with the famous 80s hardcore band The Gorilla Biscuits because, frankly, they’re both brutally hardcore.

The similarities end there, however. The Gorilla Cookies strain is what happens when you combine two legendary heavy goods vehicles, namely Thin Mint GSC and the infamous #4 Gorilla Glue.

Sativa/Indica Indoor performance Outdoor yield Flowering period
70%/30% 1-2 oz/ft² 15-22 ounces/plant 9-10 weeks

Elev8 Seeds were the masterminds behind this union, and we can’t thank them enough.

the fruit of this tree is a sight to behold, and, judging by its looks, it’s pretty obvious that this pot is about to rock your socks.

Gorilla Cookies weed produces ultra-dense, short buds with a thick layer of trichome powder, giving it a pale green hue (and harshness compared to its chewy cannabis counterparts).

About Gorilla Cookies Cannabis Strain:

What makes it even more striking are the reddish-orange pistils that litter the surface of the nuggets, like tiny tentacles inviting you to coil one up.

Besides its appearance, the flavor and fragrance of the Gorilla Cookies weed strain are where its real appeal lies.

And this can be attributed to the broad terpene profile of its parents, particularly Thin Mints GSC.

Fortunately. It is widely available in buds, seeds, clone, vaporize or shatter; the price of the Gorilla Cookies strain will vary depending on your preferred smoking method.

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Gorilla Cookies Strain Information

Origin Mint Mint GSC, Gorilla Glue #4
Plant type 70% Sativa 30% Indica
THC 25%
CBD 0.22 – 0.42%
Effects Focus
Fragrance sweet pine
The flavours sweet pine
Spice up
Terpene profile 1.01%
Undesirable effect Dry red eyes, slight thirst, cotton mouth
Flowering period 9-10 weeks
Flowering type Photoperiod
Yield 1-2 oz/ft² (indoor), 15-22 oz/plant (outdoor)
Increase the difficulty Easy

Gorilla Cookies Strain Yield

A common question when reviewing this strain, particularly in regards to growth, is, “what is the Gorilla Cookies strain yield?”.

The results ultimately depend on your growing know-how and configuration, so these numbers are just an average.

Indoors, the yield can be around 1-2 oz/sq ft, while outdoors you get around 15-22 oz/plant.

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Gorilla Cookies THC Content

As I mentioned before, the only similarity between the Gorilla cookies variety and The Gorilla Biscuits is that they are both incredibly hardcore.

With #4 Gorilla Glue being your daddy, what else could you expect? And thanks to this, the THC percentage of the Gorilla Cookies strain can climb up to 20%, with an average of around 25%.

Your expertise and skill as a grower will influence THC levels.

Effects of Gorilla Cookies
Effects of Gorilla Cookies

Gorilla Cookie Effects

Incredibly clever selections went into formulating the effects of Gorilla Cookies weed, which quickly become apparent upon smoking it.

Its effects are felt within minutes and are quickly felt throughout the body, allowing you to relaxation and a state of happiness and calm.

Often, THC-rich strains will have you cuddling up in no time, while the Gorilla Cookies strain will keep you alert, focused, energized and social. This is an excellent party strain.

A common thread in Gorilla Cookies strain reviews is to praise its beneficial properties, particularly in relieving discomfort associated with pain, cramping, inflammation, and even nausea.

Since the effects of the Gorilla Cookies strain are mood enhancing, this strain also helps to anxiety managementstress, fatigue and depression.

It can even help those who are trying to go into deep self-introspection.

Gorilla Cookies strain scent
Two women smoking Gorilla Cookies

Gorilla Cookies Perfume

The best word to describe the scent of Gorilla Cookies would have to be “pungent”.

We may throw that word out once in a while, but this bud has a strong stench, in a good way, though.

It’s not just lingering skunk and excellent, but rather a layered aroma. It honors its genetics with refreshing mint mixed with sweet pine and a hint of walnut.

Gorilla Cookie Flavors

Gorilla Cookies inherit their flavor from Thin Mints GSC, with the mint flavor taking center stage.

The flavor fuses with layers of sweet pine, earthy nut and just a touch of spice.

It smokes incredibly smooth and not as harsh as you would expect from such a potent strain to like pink mango.

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Adverse Effects of Gorilla Cookies

Dry, red eyes, mild thirst, and a cotton mouth are common occurrences when smoking marijuana, and it’s no different for the Gorilla Cookies weed strain.

Some users, primarily those new to cannabis use, may experience heightened paranoia, dizziness, or even mild hallucinations.

All of these effects can be combated or avoided by ensuring proper preparation (juicesnacks, eye drops, etc.) and healthy moderation (know your limits, take it easy).

Grow Gorilla Cookies
Grow Gorilla Cookies

Cultivation of the Gorilla Cookies strain

You couldn’t ask for more when it comes to finding a good strain to grow yourself (even as a beginner). If the information about the Gorilla cookies strain is anything to go by, this does the trick.

This the variety is easy to grow, with good resistance to diseases, pests and temperature. Plus, Gorilla Cookie seeds aren’t too hard to find.

This the variety thrives indoors and out, often rewarding you with bountiful yields.

Be advised: this strain can get quite tall and bulky, so take that into account when comparing indoor and outdoor options and leave plenty of space between plants at first.

Gorilla Cookies plants prefer a warm Mediterranean climate. If you can grow outdoorsyou will save lighting costs.

You can learn more growing tips in my Free Marijuana Grow Bible; this will help fill in any missing details in the grow information for this Gorilla Cookies strain.

Blooming Gorilla Cookies
Blooming Gorilla Cookies

Flowering time of Gorilla Cookies strain

After a successful grow, the prize at the finish line is obviously a great harvest, but the question is, “How long does it take to flower the Gorilla Cookies Pot strain?”

Answer: It takes around 9-10 weeks to flower this strain both indoors and outdoors. Expect a harvest mid to late September.

Bud density can contribute to branch weight, so it would be wise to consider occasional pruning and a few stress free workout.

Gorilla Cookies Strain Genetics
Gorilla Cookies Strain Genetics

Genetics Gorilla Cookies

People have often referred to the Gorilla Cookies strain as Gorilla Glue Cookies, which is an easy mistake to make, considering it’s the offspring of Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint GSC (girl scout cookies).

gorilla glue #4 has developed such a popular following; it’s easy to see why people love this new strain developed by Elev8 Seeds.

They clearly know what they’re doing because they’re doing it if only.

Gorilla Cookies FAQ

What is the dominant strain in Gorilla Cookies?

Gorilla Cookies is a hybrid strain, but with a strong lineage on the Gorilla Glue #4 side, it is sativa-dominant. However, you will also experience strong indica effects after smoking her.

Are Gorilla Cookies seeds available for autoflowering?

The Gorilla Cookies weed strain is one of the best auto-flowering strains available, which makes the growing process much easier.

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