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Getting to Know: ARK Cannabis

Over a year after launching Artisan Batch, we still love the chance to give small batch producers across Canada the chance to share their product with the whole country. ARK cannabis is no different. Operating in remote forests in rural Quebec, ARK (which stands for Advanced Recreational Kannabis) produces premium quality cannabis year-round in its 2,100 square foot indoor facility. Led by master grower Ray Jackson, the ARK team has over 35 years of combined cultivation experience, as well as expertise in a variety of industries such as small business growth, land development and culture. This diversity of skills allows ARK to remain versatile in everything it does, whether it’s improving its building and growing environment, using the most proven cultivation methods for a top-of-the-line product. range or stay up to date on technological advances that can alleviate stress and allow staff to focus on what really matters: finding the best varieties to bring to market. “We always approach our cultivar selection with the question ‘what would we like to smoke?’ and from there we add love and attention,” Jackson says. “The rest is irrelevant as we know you will enjoy the end product.” ARK ensures that every cannabis product that passes through its facilities is meticulously cared for, from seed to shelf, even going so far as to play music in the building to create the perfect environment. They even think of the details when it comes to being energy efficient. The water used to grow ARK cannabis comes from underground and goes through reverse osmosis water filtration to provide the cleanest water possible. Everyone at ARK respects the cannabis plant and the history that preceded them. “We’ve based our business on preserving and producing some of the best premium varieties in the world,” says Jackson. “Our vault includes classic lines and must-have cultivars that would make any connoisseur smile.” Knowing ARK’s commitment to quality and honoring the best strains in the world, it’s easy to get excited about Blue Iguana, a hybrid strain that is a combination of Double Dutch Lady and Old Time Moonshine. According to ARK, these parent strains are award-winning and known for their high resin content and deep, fruity, musky aroma. Blue Iguana is grown indoors in the ground using the SCRoG (Screen of Green) technique. The plant is air-dried and freeze-dried, dry-cured for 21 days, then hand-trimmed and dry-trimmed to yield a premium quality product. Blue Iguana has dark green buds covered with a beautiful layer of resin and crystals. The large buds resemble the shape of a well-fed iguana! ARK Blue Iguana smells of pine and citrus on a soft background of iced tea. It has a THC range of 23-29% and a terpene profile led by limonene, pinene, and ocimene. ARK Blue Iguana will be available as full flower in 3.5g pots exclusively through Artisan Batch, so be sure to keep an eye out for this exciting variety! It will only be available while supplies last.

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