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FSD Pharma Secures Exclusive Rights in Canada for Line of Proprietary Products and Premium Access to Cannabinoid Science Research Platform in Israel – Cannabis Hemp Blog

In addition, FV Pharma will receive an exclusive license in Canada for the production and distribution of a line of proprietary, patent-pending, indication-specific cannabinoid products developed by SciCann.

Under the MOU, FV Pharma will gain privileged access to the cannabinoid scientific research platform developed by SciCann in Israel, which includes a network of leading researchers, academic institutions and medical centers. . This platform will enable FV Pharma to execute a series of rigorous clinical studies for cannabis-based products in a highly time and cost efficient environment, in order to achieve its stated goal of becoming the world leader. in the new emerging field of clinically proven cannabinoid products. therapies

Thomas Fairfull, President and CEO of FSD Pharma, said, “The collaboration with SciCann Therapeutics marks a very exciting time for FV Pharma. This partnership gives FV Pharma privileged access directly to the heart of Israel’s thriving cannabis science R&D ecosystem. Through this platform, FV Pharma will be able to perform a wide range of rigorous preclinical and clinical studies with new medical cannabis products, and thus position itself as a leading developer and distributor of quality medical cannabis therapies. pharmaceutical, tested and verified in a strict scientific manner. Additionally, we are proud to offer Canadian patients the line of innovative, patent-pending, indication-specific products developed by SciCann, and we see great prospects for this proprietary and differentiated product line in our country.

Dr. Zohar Koren, Co-Founder and CEO of SciCann Therapeutics, said, “We are delighted to partner with FV Pharma as the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of our existing line of proprietary products for the growing Canadian cannabis markets. There are very few people in the industry who have the ability to build a large-scale, state-of-the-art indoor cannabis cultivation and processing facility like FV Pharma does, and we are proud to be part of this great company. SciCann Therapeutics will be dedicated to bringing the most innovative and rigorous scientific research from Israel to FV Pharma’s facilities.

About FSD Pharma
FSD Pharma, through its wholly owned subsidiary FV Pharma, is a licensed producer of marijuana under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) having received its cultivation license on October 13, 2017. Its head office is located in the former Kraft factory in Cobourg, Ontario. , about an hour’s drive from Toronto, FV Pharma management’s mission is to transform the facility into the world’s largest indoor hydroponic cannabis facility. FV Pharma intends to target all legal aspects of the cannabis industry, including cultivation, processing, manufacturing, extracts, and research and development.

About SciCann Therapeutics
SciCann Therapeutics is a Canadian-Israeli specialty pharmaceutical company, dedicated to developing and commercializing novel disruptive pharmaceuticals that target and modulate the endocannabinoid system. SciCann Therapeutics is active in the areas of oncology, pain management, neurodegenerative diseases and inflammatory disorders, and develops a range of proprietary products for the treatment of certain life-threatening conditions that present a high level of need not satisfied.

SciCann has created a network of collaborations with leading academic centers and medical institutions in Israel to engage in cutting-edge science and rigorous clinical studies to develop its products, while utilizing the permissive regulatory climate in Israel to execute its R&D programs quickly and efficiently.

Forward-looking information
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