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Feeling Sleepy After Smoking Weed? Here’s What You Can Do

There’s a reason marijuana is great for those who have trouble resting. The plant causes the body to relax and unwind naturally, which is great for anyone looking to get some Zzzzs. But if you’re just looking to get high or relax a bit, fatigue is a side effect you want to avoid.

Here are some useful tips to help you counter the sleepy effect of marijuana.

Change your setting

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If you can’t fold or just don’t want to, the most useful thing to do is change your setting. Go for a walk, start talking to a friend, eat something, preferably with protein to help you get rid of the sluggish feeling, or do something exciting. A walk is especially useful for all occasions, exposing you to fresh air, a new environment, and is something that can be done in almost any situation.


study shows how marijuana can motivate you to exercise
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Exercise is one of the best natural energy boosters in the world, helping you sleep more soundly and reducing fatigue. It might be too much to ask your body to go for a run while you’re asleep, but a few light stretches will do the trick, making you feel more present and helping you get out of your head a bit.

Take a shower

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If you’re at home or at a friend’s house and you’re starting to feel that powerful marijuana-induced stupor, jump in the shower. It will help you relax and wake up, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to do something different.


coffee tea
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Coffee or tea are always great options when you need a quick energy boost. Some studies suggest that caffeine may enhance the effects of THC and produce a more pleasant and effective high. You should start slow when mixing these two, considering that one is a depressant and the other a stimulant.

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