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Ethanol Hash Oil Extraction Procedure Explained

The use of alcohol to extract cannabis is very popular. Ethanol alcohol is considered a safe chemical solvent by the FDA. This makes it a much healthier choice than most solvents. You can make Ethanol Hash Oil (EHO) by a cold or hot process. This article will discuss what is ethanol hash oil. It will also tell you why it is beneficial when extracting cannabis. Let’s start.

What is Ethanol Hash Oil?

During cannabis extraction, alcohol is introduced to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. There are two types of alcohol that can be used for cannabis extraction. You can choose to use isopropyl. You can also choose to use ethanol. However, ethanol for cannabis extraction is widely used because it is much safer. The FDA approves of ethanol, over other chemical solvents like butane and propane.

How do you make Ethanol Hash Oil (EHO)?

When extracting with ethanol, you can choose to use hot or cold conditions. However, using the cold condition is much preferred by extractors because it preserves and stores more cannabinoids and terpenes. During a cold extraction process, cannabis must be decarboxylated at low temperatures. This should be done before preserving cannabinoids and terpenes.

The cannabis flower is soaked in alcohol. After that, the plant material is removed. The alcohol is evaporated and then transformed into an oil concentrate. After this process is completed, an additional purification process is performed. Indeed, residues such as chlorophyll can alter the taste of the oil concentrate.

The final product may have an unpleasant taste and a grassy flavor. The additional purification will ensure that the oil concentrate reaches the same level of purity as PHO and BHO. This website has more on the steps of making hash oil.

The Benefits of Ethanol Hash Oil

As mentioned earlier, ethanol is a widely used chemical solvent. It is used in a variety of applications. You can find forms of this chemical solvent in distilled spirits. And distilled spirits have been around and available for consumption for hundreds of years now.

Indeed, during COVID times, ethyl alcohol was very well used as a hand sanitizer. This once again shows his versatility. The versatility of this chemical solvent is what makes it effective in botanical extraction. It is highly safe and produces healthier oil concentrates from the cannabis plant.

Since ethanol is approved by the FDA as a GRAS substance, it means that a panel of specialists has concluded that the chemical solvent can be used in food products.

Although ethyl alcohol is a safe solvent, care should be taken as it is highly flammable. Although compared to most chemical solvents available in the market like hydrocarbons, ethanol is much safer. Indeed, the hydrocarbon extraction process is much more explosive and toxic.

The process of ethanol hash oil extraction does not need to operate under high pressure like CO2 extraction systems. The physical properties of ethyl alcohol also allow for a safe and effective solvent when extracting cannabis. Additionally, because it allows for a fertile and soluble extraction atmosphere, it offers high solubility of oil concentrates and premium cannabinoids.

Additionally, extractors make sure to consider solubility at the molecular level. Thus, they always consider chemical solvents which are both slightly polar and non-polar. What do polar and non-polar mean? Polar means having positively and negatively charged ions.

Whereas, non-polar means having nearly zero or no charge, or is balanced. This is relevant in general when extracting. Polar substances tend to dissolve and mix with other polar substances. An example of an excellent polar compound is water. And several essential molecular compounds during extraction are waxes, fats and lipids.

It all comes down to the importance of ethyl alcohol. This is because, despite being polar, ethyl can act as both polar and non-polar molecules when filled under certain conditions. This is why ethyl alcohol is very important in botanical extraction. It allows flexibility.

Ethyl alcohol is a versatile solvent

Ethyl alcohol, as already noted, is a versatile solvent. It is the preferred solvent used to extract cannabis oil from cannabis flower. Indeed, it has a great affinity to derive the target compounds. These target compounds include CBD and THC. During extraction, ethyl tends to attract polar and non-polar compounds equally.

Another reason ethanol is an ideal solvent for cannabis oil extraction is its ability to adapt to temperature while deriving target compounds. Ethyl alcohol offers better flexibility compared to other methods of derivation. The characteristics of this chemical solvent make it the preferred choice for deriving target compounds from a cannabis plant. This link more on why ethanol is a suitable solvent.


Ethanol Hash Oil (EH0) is a cannabis extract made from ethyl alcohol. Ethyl is very well used to obtain oil concentrates from a cannabis plant. Indeed, it is safe and derived from high quality concentrates.

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