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Double Kush Cake Automatic Grow Report

Double Kush Cake Automatic is a compact, fast-flowering plant that produces heavy harvests. Coming from an impressive lineage that includes Afghani #1, Skunk Kush, and Hindu Kush Automatic, Double Kush Cake Auto offers growers bountiful harvests in a short amount of time.

Flowering phase: 63 days

Total time from seed to harvest: 84 days

Final yield: 89 grams

THC content: 15-18%

Double Kush Cake Automatic was originally bred as part of our research project in 2021 and is a fast flowering, high yielding feminized autoflowering variety. Descended from the exceptional lineage trio of Afghani #1, Hindu Kush Automatic and Skunk Kushshe is 70% indica, 10% sativa, and 20% ruderalis.

The strain is known for its substantial harvests, especially compared to other autoflowering strains. It is a hardy and hardy strain with the potential to produce big yields in colder climates.

The ruderalis influence allows plants to flower without changing light cycles and allows plants to stay compact. This is an ideal strain for novice growers looking for a low maintenance strain. Perhaps the most unique feature of this prized cultivar is its rapid flowering time. Double Kush Cake Automatic can be ready in as little as 50-65 days from seed to harvest, ideal for growers looking to cultivate a quick harvest.

Our Double Kush Cake Automatic was grown in our 220 x 180 centimeters indoor grow roomlit by a 600 watt Phillips GreenPower high pressure sodium (HPS) light at all stages of the growth cycle.

So, keep reading to learn more about the steps we took from seed to harvest!

We germ our Double Kush Cake Automatic seed in a propagation cube. Once the roots have started to protrude from the sides, we transplanted our seedling in a 2.5 pint pot of BAC Lavasoil Growmix. It was then placed 80 centimeters under our HPS lamp.

At 3cm tall, our seedling already showed substantial cotyledon development, with two rounded lime green leaves predominating from the stem.

On day three we gave our Double Kush Cake Automatic 100ml of pH adjusted water with rooting hormone added around the stem. The solution was adjusted to pH 6.2 and had an electrical conductivity (EC) of 0.8. We also dispersed predatory mites to potentially eliminate midge and thrips pupae, and by the end of the week our seedling had grown to 4cm.

Across all vegetation, our Double Kush Cake Automatic received 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. Our grow room was kept at a temperature of 26°C during the day and dropped to 22°C at night. We also maintained the room at 65% relative humidity (RH) for vegetative stagewhich was reduced to 45% throughout flowering.

At the end of second week, our Double Kush Cake Automatic had doubled in size; he had grown to eight centimeters and was consuming 200 ml of nutrient solution per day.

At the beginning of week three, BioGrow has been added to our feeding program, bringing the EC of our nutrient solution to 1.4. By the end of the third week, our Double Kush Cake Automatic had reached 12cm and was showing significant signs of development.

Side shoots were eager for light and the internodal spacing was short. Broad, lime-green fan leaves had developed, and the main stem thickened considerably. Our Double Kush Cake Automatic looked perfect for bloom!

Since we were growing a feminized auto strain, there was no need to change the light schedule, as the auto strains will flower anyway. However, since the photoperiod and auto strains were grown together, at the beginning of week fourwe changed our light cycle to 12 hours on and 12 hours off to initiate the flowering of our photoperiod plants.

We introduced bloom nutrients into our feeding program and stopped supplementing root hormones and BioGrow, which subsequently increased the EC of our solution to 1.6. We have also scattered bags of Amblyseius cucumeris and Amblyseius californicus to control potential thrips and two-spotted spider mites.

The apical meristem was prominently developing buds. White stigmas protruded from the main cola, and there was significant development of trichomes. By the end of week four, our Double Kush Cake Automatic had grown to 26 centimeters.

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