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Does Weed Go Bad? How to Keep Weed Longer

‘Is the grass bad?’ is a question that many new cannabis growers ask themselves, especially after harvesting their plants.

Grass doesn’t go bad like food. It’s because you dry and curing the herb after harvest, giving it a longer shelf life.

But, while you can still smoke old buds, don’t expect them to be as tasty or as potent.

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How long does grass stay fresh?

Besides the main question of whether the weed spoils, many growers also wonder how long the weed is good for.

When does the weed turn bad? If stored in the suitable containers, the weed can last from six months to a year. This, of course, assumes not only that you’ve dried your buds, but also that you’ve cured them.

Does weed spoil in plastic bags? If you just store buds in resealable bags, expect them to last only 2-3 months. And if left out in the open, your weed can go bad in just two weeks.

Dispensaries have expiration dates that tell you how long the buds will stay good. This is important because if the buds pass the recommended date, they begin to lose potency.

For this reason, home growers should monitor the freshness of their buds when drying them.

On note to follow how fresh your weed that is, certain factors increase the rate at which it loses quality.

A medical study have shown that cannabinoids degrade faster under certain environmental factors.

Factors such as light and oxidation can significantly reduce the potency and flavor of your buds.

In particular, oxidation can lead to significant losses. That is why cannabis buds need to be stored in appropriate sealed containers to prevent loss of potency.

So, to conclude, how long does it take for grass to degrade?

If placed in perfect conditions and if the buds have been dried out before being stored, the weed can last up to a year at best before losing its potency.

Does weed lose potency over time?

Weed eventually loses potency over time. The chemical compounds in marijuana will begin to break down over time.

When the terpenes in weed break down, the buds lose their flavor and aroma.

Likewise, when the THC in marijuana breaks down, it loses potency. Weed loses 16% of its THC after one year and 26% after two years.

Even when properly stored, buds can only retain their peak potency and flavor for a year or two at best.

After that, regardless of the conditions, the cannabinoids and terpenes will start to break down.

If you are looking to prolong your buds, there is a way to prevent grass from losing potency.

With proper storage, you can expect your dried herbs to last much longer. This is also true for other cannabis products.

The main factors you need to keep in mind when looking to prolong your weed are light, heat, and humidity.

You should avoid placing the container that holds your dried buds in places with too much light.

Light can cause terpenes and cannabinoids break down. The same goes for heat.

If the room you store your buds in has high temperatures, it can lower their terpenes.

Finally, there is the problem of humidity. Having high humidity in your buds can cause a humidity (RH) in your containers, which becomes the ideal condition for the appearance of mold and mildew.

How do I know if my pot is old?

While grass doesn’t rot the same way food does, making it hard to tell if it’s still good, there are ways to tell you if your pot is old.

You can identify old grass by its appearance, smell, and texture. But, smell alone can tell you if your buds are past their best use date.

Old weed tends to have less aroma than fresh because it doesn’t have as many terpenes as before.

You can also tell old weeds from fresh ones by their appearance and texture.

Buds that are past their best use date will look dry. Likewise, the texture of the the buds are so dry let it crumble into powder in your hands.

Old against weed

There is a difference between the old and the weed. You can tell if your weed has gone bad if there are signs of mold.

It’s either because there was too much moisture in your buds when you stored them or because you left your flowers in an area where the conditions are less than ideal for storing weed.

The first sign of moldy grass is if a white powder coats the trichomes of your buds.

If you don’t look closely, it can be hard to see, so you should separate any old grass you find before attempting anything.

Another way to tell if you have moldy weed is by its smell. If it smells musty, chances are mold has grown on the trichomes of your buds.

You must provide adequate storage for prevent mold from appearing on your grass. Ziploc bags won’t cut it if you want to keep your heads cool for a long time.

You should use airtight containers like mason jars. You should also store your buds in a dark, cool place to reduce the risk of mold growth.

Why can I use Old Weed?

While old weed is a harsh, unrewarding smoke, that doesn’t mean you should throw it away.

If you have a stash of cannabis flowers that have passed their expiration date, you can still put them to good use. Here are some examples:


The best way to use old flowers is to turn them into edible.

By infusing your old weed into things like butter, you get around the taste problem. But there remains the problem of power.

The only way to increase the the power of your edibles is using lots of old flowers.

If you don’t have a lot of old buds to start with, don’t expect your edibles to be potent.

Does cannabis butter spoil? Yes. If you store your cannabis butter in the fridge, it will only last a few weeks.

However, you can keep it longer by storing it in the freezer.


If you are not very greedy, you can also simply make concentrates with your old buds.

Make bubble hash or kief from old flowers is one of the most common ways to make concentrates.

Like edibles, making concentrates from your old flowers removes the harsh taste and smell.

However, just like with edibles, you should expect your concentrates to be less potent than those made from fresher buds.

Does cannabis resin degrade? The resin will last quite a long time if stored properly.

If stored in glass containers and stored in the refrigerator, it can last for months or even a year.


Finally, you can use your vaporizer to enjoy the old flowers. Older buds work much better for vaping due to the dryness of the buds.

However, although vaping produces a smoother smoke, it does not dull the taste of old flowers.


You have to cure and store your weed properly to keep your stash potent for an extended period of time.

On top of that, it’s essential to start out with well-developed and potent weed to enjoy your stash for longer. You can find potent strains to grow at home at

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Is the grass going bad? Common questions (and answers)

Does weed spoil in a grinder?

Weed won’t spoil if you store it properly. This means keeping it in an airtight container to prevent your weed from oxidizing. Although there are airtight grinders out there, if yours isn’t one of them, you shouldn’t store your weed in them.

Does grass spoil with heat?

Yes. If your buds are stored in a place that’s too warm, the room can retain moisture, which can lead to mold growth.

Does weed spoil in the freezer?

If you don’t freeze dry your weed, your buds will spoil in the freezer. It is because there is humidity. Additionally, putting your buds in the freezer will cause the trichomes to brittle and fall out.

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