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Divorce Cake Strain Information and Review

There is something quite alluring about mysterious cannabis strains; the Divorce Cake strain is no different.

Its origins are unknown, but it has certainly piqued the interest of cannabis connoisseurs around the world. Currently, the producers of Jungle Boys are propelling his fame.

Sativa/Indica Indoor performance Outdoor performance Flowering period
30% / 70% 0.5 to 1 oz per square foot 20 oz per plant 8-10 weeks

The Divorce Cake cannabis strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. It comes from the fusion of two powerful and renowned varieties: white widow and Wedding cake.

Divorce Cake Strain Information

These strains will more than likely enter the pantheon of cannabis history.

That’s why it’s no surprise that Divorce Cake is following suit in epically delivering High THC levels and a buzz that leaves you feeling calm and euphoric for long periods of time.

This strain is truly beneficial, offering divine flavors and scents as well as effects.

However, we will explain in more detail in this review of the Divorce Cake strain, so don’t rush it and take a puff instead…I mean, step by step.

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Divorce Cake Strain Information

ORIGIN White Widow, Wedding Cake
EFFECTS Uprising
To laugh hard
FRAGRANCE Earth, fruity citrus, diesel
FLAVORS Sweet, Sour, Fruit, Butter, Fuel
SIDE EFFECTS Snacks, cotton mouth, red eyes
THC CONTENT % 20%-27%
INDICA / SATIVA% 70%/30%
INTERNAL PERFORMANCE 0.5 to 1 ounce per square foot
OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE 20 ounces per plant
Divorce Cake Strain
Divorce Cake Strain

Divorce Cake Strain Effects

Cannabis has a way of increasing awareness of the “sensations” of the mind and body.

Some may experiment to see what strain types feel good or seek effects that match the desired mood or sensations.

If you are the latter, high CBD strains and the right terpenes are a good place to start. There are MANY weeds and varieties to choose from.

Expect some trial and error.

Many Divorce Cake strain lovers claim to feel energized, with improved mood and bursts of laughter.

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At 0.05% CBD and with a diverse terpene profile (limonene, linalool, beta-myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene), some applaud Divorce Cake for tackling painstress and vision problems.

Those new to or unfamiliar with cannabis should, however, smoke with caution.

This potent strain can have a THC content as low as 20% or as high as 27%, which can lead to overwhelming levels for beginners.

The initial buzz of the Divorce Cake cannabis strain is quite heady. There is a fast-acting cerebral high, followed by an elevated mood and a calming of the mind.

Then there is the immediate full-body buzz that envelops you, resulting in a deep relaxation and calm that can last all day.

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Divorce Cake Stump Scent

Of course, Divorce Cake smells so good you’ll want to live in the bag you bought it in.

With strains like Wedding Cake and Scout cookies in its pedigree, the invigorating scent of floral, earthy tones and subtle fruity citrus notes comes as no surprise.

Once you start crushing a nugget, the real flavor emerges.

You’ll soon experience the full scent with an added diesel fuel undertone that’s guaranteed to make a satisfying smoke.

Divorce Cake Strain Flavor
Divorce Cake Strain Flavor

Divorce Cake Strain Flavors

The flavor of the Divorce Cake strain is very similar to its scent: tantalizing and enticing.

This bud has a sweet and sour citrus flavor and fruit blended with a smooth buttery taste with hints of fuel.

the sweet the citrus flavor comes from the terpene profile of linalool, bisabolol and camphene.

Honestly, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in the taste of this strain that you completely lose track of how much you’ve smoked, so take it easy and savor it.

It’s worth it.

Side effects

Despite all the remarkable qualities and appeal of the Divorce Cake variety, it would be safe to assume that it has no cost, like the cost of all the snacks you bought in a snacking frenzy.

The cravings, cotton mouth, or red eyes that can come from smoking it are a given for veteran smokers. However, be careful if you are new.

Too much consumption can cause paranoia.

Divorce Cake Growing Strain
Divorce Cake Growing Strain

Divorce Cake Growing Strain

Luckily, the Divorce Cake strain is quite easy to grow at times. inside and outside. As for the specific growth requirements, not much is known about this.

However, do your research on growth in general and keep an eye out for things that are easy to miss. threats like mites or mold, can have a big impact on your end results.

Considering the divorce cake indica-dominant geneticsyou can expect short, bushy plants with broad leaves.

Her pale forest green nuggets are a sight to behold and are reminiscent of her parent strains.

The nuggets are coated with a thick layer of brilliant white trichomesmaking the Divorce Cake variety a treat to behold.

Flowering divorce cake stump
Flowering divorce cake stump

Flowering period

Flowering always takes patience, but it’s a wonder to watch your plants grow and mature.

You will need to wait around 8-10 weeks for this strain.

Outdoor grows, with proper care, can average up to 20 ounces per plant. Indoor grows yield around 0.5 to 1 ounce per square foot.

Grow anything from seed harvesting, whether cannabis or vegetables, is a rewarding experience.

And like many things in life, good knowledge and proper preparation will often yield much better results, so always do your homework beforehand.

You will thank yourself later.

Divorce Cake Strain FAQ

Is Divorce Cake sativa or indica?

Divorce Cake is a hybrid strain, meaning her pedigree stems from both sativa and indica strains. Divorce Cake is what is called an indica-dominant strain and it has a ratio of 70% indica to 30% sativa.

What do breeders think of the Divorce Cake strain?

Since the Divorce Cake strain grows relatively easily and can yield quite favorable harvest results, it has become a popular strain for growers. And with Divorce Cake-derived strains in development (like Divorce Zkittelz cake), it’s clear that her genetics are highly sought after.

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