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Dispensaries in Portland Oregon Guide

Portland is Oregon’s largest city and the epicenter of the state’s cannabis community. Although Portland is known for its militant culture and heavy rainfall, the city has some of the best cannabis dispensaries in the United States.

In this article, we cover everything you need to know when buying cannabis in the Portland area. At the end, we’ll show you our favorite dispensaries in the area and why they stand out from other pot shops in Portland.


  • How many weed dispensaries are there in Portland, Oregon?
  • How to Find Weed Dispensaries in Portland, Oregon
  • Top Customer Rated Weed Dispensaries in Portland, Oregon
  • Our favorite dispensaries in Portland

How many weed dispensaries are there in Portland, Oregon?

Oregon has the most dispensaries per capita in the United States at 16.5 per 100,000 population. Portland has more than 200 active cannabis retail licenses in Multnomah County alone, with dozens more in the DMA.

Choosing a dispensary in Portland can be overwhelming, but due to Oregon’s ideal growing conditions and well-established adult industry, there are plenty of options with amazing products.

How to Find Weed Dispensaries in Portland, Oregon

Portland is divided east and west by the Willamette River and north and south by Burnside Street. So, depending on where you live or where you want to taste your produce, you can find a premium dispensary nearby without having to cross the river.

Use our interactive map below to browse cannabis dispensaries in Portland near you.

Need help finding a cannabis dispensary in Portland with high-quality products in stock?

This is where we come in.

AT Hail Mary Jane, we are self-proclaimed weed connoisseurs. We’ve been testing, reviewing, and curating weed products for our customers since 2008. When it comes to finding the best weed products available in Portland, Oregon, we can point you in the right direction.

Weed Dispensaries in Southwest Portland

Chalice Farms Downtown

Zion Cannabis Dispensary

Pacific Gold Cannabis

Serra Dispensary – Chinatown

Five Trees Zero West

Weed Dispensaries in Northwest Portland

MindRite Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

Electric Lettuce Old Town

Virtue Sourcing Company

Oregon grass

Weed Dispensaries in Southeast Portland

Bridge City Collective

Five trees zero is

TJ is on Powell

Weed Dispensaries in Northeast Portland


Uplift Botanicals

The Kings of Canna

Top Customer Rated Weed Dispensaries in Portland, Oregon

At Hail Mary Jane, we value local customer feedback immensely. Therefore, we make sure to only highlight companies with an exceptional reputation.

We’ve selected two of the top-rated weed dispensaries in Portland and selected some of the most insightful reviews. See what real Yelp users are saying about pot shops in the Portland area.

Serra Dispensary – Chinatown 4 stars on Yelp

“What a gorgeous storefront! I love the industrial minimal vibe and their houseplants are *chef’s kiss*! Jen helped my mom and me – she was knowledgeable, patient and friendly. – Yelp User


“FREAKING LOVE Serra. Such good service. Good product.”

“I want to go there every day! In reality, I can’t, but I would like it to be a reality. – Yelp user


“I take it the name ‘Bougie Budz’ has already been taken?”

“Lordy, Lordy, how the cannabis industry has grown! Serra Dispensary is a fancy place to buy weed and fancy accessories. The prices are a bit higher due to the environment, but it’s really a nice shopping experience.

“It looks like they have their own farms and so develop their own strains? It’s drugs. Fully intended pun.

“They have a loyalty program which also seems to work with their sister company Electric Lettuce. Also, if you are registered, you can use a card instead of cash. What a world!”

“Well, who doesn’t want a shirt that says Quality Drugs?” – Yelp user

4.5 stars on Yelp

“I cannot stress enough the positive experience of this store. Customer service is impeccable. My husband and I are visiting Portland as we are both heavy smokers and I work in the industry. I wanted to see what Oregon had to offer. I am blown away by the knowledge of the budtenders who didn’t rush us and who were also very knowledgeable. The products put California to shame. The Bermuda sour is phenomenal, I really recommend it. I rarely write reviews but Jayne deserved some love.” – Yelp user


“So I’m not really a cannabis lover – but someone recommended that I try CBD topicals for the muscle issues I have. I found Jayne through friends and overall I am now much more educated, much more confident in what I do, and so far have had a great response.

I walked in, probably looking like a deer in the headlights – the girls who worked there didn’t care – too wrapped up in their own world to be bothered by a customer. I almost ran away. Luckily the super tall guy (sorry – can’t remember his name) took me under his wing and explained what was available and things to try.

Seriously – if you’re new to this world or want to know more – go find the super tall dude at Jayne’s! – Yelp user

Our top dispensaries in Portland

Based on our experience at an assortment of Portland’s many cannabis dispensaries, we’ve picked out six that stood out for us.

We judge our dispensaries on several factors:

  • Product selection
  • Customer service
  • Quality
  • Atmosphere
  • Price

Serra Dispensary

Serra Dispensary is a tastefully decorated dispensary in a spacious, bright storefront in the heart of downtown Portland. The space is amazing, but our favorite thing about Serra is the knowledgeable staff and their “Feeling Card” system. Choose between Relaxed, Focused, Creative, Happy, Energized, or Relieved, and the team will guide you to the products that will provide the best possible experience.

Don’t forget to take a picture under the famous Quality Drugs leaf wall before you go!

Serra Portland Dispensary
Serra Portland Dispensary

Five Zero Trees

Five Zero Trees (a pun on Portland’s 503 area code) has two locations in the area, one on the east side and one on the west side. Although they are both a bit out of town, they are worth a visit.

Both sites feature flowers from LOWD, an award-winning cannabis production company based in Portland. Try 503 WIFI or Platinum Garlic Cookies for an unforgettable high that lives up to the brand name.

five trees zero dispensary west
Five Zero Trees West Dispensary

Bridge City Collective

Bridge City Collective is a Portland locals’ favorite dispensary with two downtown locations. The atmosphere is fresh, clean and a friendly friend will greet you when you arrive.

Check out Bridge City Collective’s huge selection of concentrates and don’t forget to ask about the daily specials.

Bridge City Community Dispensary
Bridge City Collective Humboldt Cannabis Dispensary

TJ is on Powell

TJ’s is a collective of boutique cannabis dispensaries around Oregon. The location in SE Portland near Powell BLVD is in a remodeled home, the perfect representation of Eastside dispensaries. TJ’s on Powell offers an extensive menu of flowers, edibles, and concentrates with deals every day of the week. Stop by Thursday for 30% off premium flowers.

TJs dispensary portland
TJ on Powell

Chalice Brands – Downtown

Chalice Farms is a cannabis collective with products and outlets throughout Oregon. The dispensaries are well known throughout the region for providing high quality products at reasonable prices.

The downtown location is next to SW Naito Parkway, directly across from Waterfront Park, a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll.

Chalice’s top flower is amazing, and we would compare it to any West Coast selection.

downtown portland dispensary chalice
Downtown Chalice Dispensary


We’ve already mentioned our love for Jayne when featuring some of Yelp’s reviews.

The dispensary is responsible for creating a community in northeast Portland. Their products serve as a staple, but relationships with customers and users of the location have solidified Jayne as one of the premier dispensaries in the area. As you enter the clean and welcoming cannabis store, you’ll notice a plethora of high-end products and local artwork. The space has even been used to host yoga classes.

Jayne even offers a Braille menu for visually impaired cannabis enthusiasts.

Cannabis lovers flock to Jayne for its great selection and witty name, but become repeat customers due to the atmosphere and charming staff.

Jayne's Dispensary in Portland
Jayne Dispensary

Discover the best weed products in Portland, Oregon with Hail Mary Jane

Portland, Oregon is the mecca of cannabis. Since the 1970s, counterculture advocates have flocked to Portland for the city’s close connection to nature, its openness, and its tolerant stance toward recreational drugs.

At Hail Mary Jane, we have expertise you can rely on to find and experience high quality cannabis products.

We’ll keep you up to date with the hottest weed products you’ll want to look out for when visiting weed dispensaries in Portland and Oregon.

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