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Dank Decor: Create a Cannabis Oasis At Home

Ubiquitous for years, rolling paper brands selling pre-rolled cones are now upping their game to offer smokers different sizes, paper materials, and flavors. From experienced joint rollers to sausage-fingered jerks, just about everyone is always up for blowing on a super inviting cone. Celebrate the aura of free spirit that complements absolute simplicity with these updated versions of the classic cone.

RAW cones

Classic RAW taper.  (Courtesy of RAW)
Refuel: the classic RAW cone. (Courtesy of RAW)

Since the early 1990s, Josh Kesselman, the paper-obsessed owner of BELIEVEDcontinued to innovate and build on the rich history of rolling paper products with its commitment to brand excellence.

“It’s just a different way of doing things,” the RAW big boss said during a recent call with Leafly. “You bring quality and craftsmanship as close to perfection as possible, in hopes that the person after you can take things even further.”

RAW Organic Cones

RAW Organic cones burn clean.  (Courtesy of RAW)
RAW Organic cones burn clean. (Courtesy of RAW)

To think Kesselman’s original RAW cone could ever be topped is crazy, but these slow-burning, boat-resistant cones organic cones did just that – essentially leaving behind nothing but the full flavor of excellent, crushed buds in their wake.

The smoke sessions with RAW organic cones exude the same dedication to natural, unrefined ingredients as the local sushi restaurant you’ll likely encounter on DoorDash next. The natural tendencies of the hemp plant make it an optimal paper due to its lighter but virtually impenetrable paper construction. Combining these quality traits with the unique RAW watermark that ensures an even burn until the end of a session, RAW Organics are easy to revere as a mainstay in your arsenal.


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RAWkets ready to take off

RAW RAWket in 5 steps lights up the whole meeting.  (Courtesy of RAW)
RAW RAWket in 5 steps lights up the whole meeting. (Courtesy of RAW)

“RAW papers and cones are designed to truly elevate smokers to the highest level,” Kesselman also noted as a clear distinction of his brand.

By this heady decree, it can also be said that it is the care and over-the-top fun that RAW puts into their brand and products that separates them from the crowd. RAWkets are a prime example of that contagious joy – manifested in kits such as the Classic 5 steps and RAWket Launch Packs in 20 Steps.


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The RAWket 5 Stage runs the spectrum of a 1 ¼ inch cone up to the 10 gram capacity of the Supernatural Cone – a pre-roll that’s out of this world with its commanding presence and ability to smoke the best part of a class reunion. Meanwhile, the RAW 20 Stage RAWket Launcher Pack includes 20 pieces of seven different sized cones – all in an oversized novelty box – making this adult building set a cohesive conversation starter and a must-have for a big one. variety of pre-roll sizes to explore.

VIBES Pre-Rolled Cones

Cone life: It's an atmosphere.  (Courtesy of Vibes)
Cone life: It’s an atmosphere. (Courtesy of Vibes)

First released in 2019, cannabis mogul Berner created the VIBES pre-rolled cones to provide fans with multiple high-quality pre-rolled paper options such as hemp, organic hemp, rice, and ultra varieties. -thin.

ORGANIC HEMP VIBES are exceptional in the way they allow the smoker to sit and meditate for a while here and there without the joint going out or constantly burning like a lit fuse on a fucking stick of dynamite. VIBES Organic cones are also notable for how the natural hemp paper makes the terpenes from the weed the main focal point.

Tobacco Free Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones

Terpene profiles have taken over over the past decade and flavor rules. Enhance and complement the taste and terps of your stash with the best natural alternative to classic blunts – terp-infused tobacco-free blunt cones that burn nearly as long as a Tarantino movie and are just as gloriously sublime.

King Palm Terp Infused Palm Leaf Cones

King Palm banana cream (courtesy of King Palm)
King Palm banana cream (courtesy of King Palm)

Since 2016, these game-changing plushies are now available in over 30 different flavors that include Berry terps, banana cream and lemon mist. In terms of size, you can fill anything from a half gram Rollie Cone to a quarter zip in King Palm’s limited edition and appropriately named. XXL offer. Stuff raisin biscotti into the cannons that are King Palm Grape HD Mini 5 packs is just one example of the best way to pair your buds with the many varieties of King Palm Terp infused cones.

The slow-burning King Palm cones are as smooth as the puffs that emanate from the unique terp-infused corn husk pop and snap filter that KPs are now famous for. Calling them blunts would be doing these true leaf cones a disservice – the lack of tobacco aftertaste puts the natural, proprietary terps center stage.

Tyson 2.0 x Futurola ‘The Toad’ Blunt Cones

(Courtesy of Tyson 2.0)
(Courtesy of Tyson 2.0)

Tyson 2.0 X Futurola No Tobacco”The toad“The Blunt Cones are the result of a collaboration between the famous Amsterdam-based rolling paper brand and Tyson Ranch. Iron Mike has gotten into the weed game since launching the Tyson Ranch brand and opened his mind to the psychedelic healing of “The Toad.”

Tyson Ranch Toad Cones provide insight into the singular taste of the life-changing toad venom experiments of the former heavyweight champion. The real taste? Some indescribably salty, sweet and sensational “toad” terpenes applied to the tips and papers of these individual glass tube cones. The unique terps nicely accentuate the flavors and intoxicating effects of strains like Green Crack, Durban Poison and Tyson’s own The Toad strain to create something of an even more uplifting experience.

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Smoked Roses Goji Berry Cones

(Courtesy of Smoke Roses)
(Courtesy of Smoke Roses)

Exotic terpes also abound with Organic Goji berry cones manufactured by Smoke Roses. Owner Charly Jordan found inspiration for these goji berry infused blunt cones during her many travels. The experience of seeing how other cultures have used unusual and pure rolling materials has translated into pre-rolled cones that delight the senses with their tantalizing, tobacco-free goji berry essence.

The 1 gram capacity pre-rolls burn slower than most other pre-rolled papers on the market and ensure procrastinators in the circle won’t cause a tiff. At the dome, it’s perfect for eating what seems like all day.

Whether it’s large organic cones, terpene-infused “blunt” cones, or pre-roll kits that let you stuff a doink the size of your forearm, set yourself some big goals. this summer. Realize what’s possible with these pre-rolled cone brands and products currently rolling out of the park and beyond!

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And that’s it for our roundup of cones this summer. Pack those cones, twist the top and get out there!


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