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Surprise, astronomers. Welcome to our new monthly column dedicated to the strains of the current astrological season. For our first edition, the strains you can smoke from March 20, 2022 to April 19, 2022, aka Aries season.

Here, you’ll find celestial insights and strain advice to help you navigate the days when the Rams really crash. Once you learn the strain of the season, scroll to find the strains that will help fire, earth, air, and water signs through it all. Let’s start now.

Aries are the firstborn of the zodiac, so it makes perfect sense that we often think of them as movers and shakers in this world. Their energy is contagious and many are drawn to the siren call of their confidence and enthusiasm. Aries can also be impulsive and miscalculate.

Falling into their romantic orbit also always involves some level of chaos. That said, their positivity and optimism can lift their loved ones through really dark times, and couldn’t we all use a friend like that in our corner?

Aries season this year is all about finding balance. The balance between the kind of chaos that invites exciting and fun new adventures, and the kind of discernment that will keep you in your lane when you need to be kept in your lane. It is also a month for taking responsibility and finding the leader within you who is capable of great and powerful things.

With all of this in mind, the strain for the 2022 Aries season is First Light.

This hybrid strain strikes an ideal balance between potent, skunky terpenes and energizing cerebral effects – perfect for anyone looking for a little balance this season. Users love it for its smooth buzz and delicious taste.

Switch to your element’s strains

Strains for fire signs

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Fire signs will do well during Aries season. Aries is the first Fire sign of the zodiac and the abundance of energy this season brings will be an especially big boost for fellow Fire Stargazers, Leo and Sagittarius. Be careful though, flames that seem tame can hold the most heat.

While other signs will try to find balance during this first month of the zodiac calendar, Fire signs will want to focus more on introspection and less on leadership. Take a closer look before jumping this month.

If you’re looking to sweeten this Aries season:

Classic and reliable indica strains like purple grandpa, Northern Lightsand Bubba Kush are where it is. These strains have moderate THC levels and are more sedating than energizing.

Learning to put on your oxygen mask first is a priority this season. You can start by making a bowl, putting your phone on “Do Not Disturb” and taking a big nap on your couch.

If you are looking for energy during Aries season:

If creative energy is what you’re looking for this fiery season, try sativa strains like strawberry cough, Mistand sour diesel.

These strains all have around 18 to 19 percent THC – decent potency, but not overwhelming (for the most part.) Prepare a bowl, take a hike, get those artistic juices flowing.

Stems for Earth Signs

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Fire seasons can be particularly difficult for grounded and tenacious earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Pay no attention to the biting comments you receive during Aries season – people are just trying to create their own drama on your stage. This is the perfect time to tap into your potential as a leader.

You have great ideas, but people often don’t take you seriously. Now is the time to show them that you have what it takes and can rise to the occasion like the best of them.

Speak up in meetings when someone talks about you, set that firm but loving boundary with a friend, impart that hard-earned wisdom to someone you care about. Life is short and your value is unquestionable.

If you’re looking to sweeten this Aries season:

Try high THC strains like Ice cream cake, Zkittlezand King Louis. These strains all have THC levels of 20% and above, which means that the effects of these strains will not be shy. But that’s the kind of energy you’re looking to cultivate, so lean into it! Take a nap on the floor or doze off with a book in your hands.

If you are looking for energy during Aries season:

Smoke pungent sativa strains like French cookies, sour flowerand ECSD. These strains all contain limonene-heavy terpenes that give them a delicious and energizing citrus flavor.

Plus, French Cookies and ECSD are high-THC strains, so those cerebral effects should pack a punch. Roll, pack a picnic, and hit the park with friends for a delicious springtime adventure.

Strains for air signs

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You’re in luck, air signs. Fire seasons tend to bode well for signs that go with the flow like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. While others will likely struggle to find direction this season, you’ll be fully in the zone. Focus on helping others relax and find peace in the chaos.

While it is true that fire can be fueled by wind and uncontrollable rage, your happy influence also extends far and wide. This is the perfect time to use your outgoing personality to attract those who are struggling. Be a caring and warm ear to someone during Aries season. Organize a party. Craft a weird work of art and gift it to someone. Make someone laugh. Your influence is powerful and you can take advantage of it for the greater good this month!

If you’re looking to sweeten this Aries season:

Aim for low-THC indica strains like Purple Ayahuasca, Pennywiseand Remedy. These strains also have a myrcene terpene profile, giving them a delicious and grounded earthy flavor. Tap into nature videos, relax on the sofa and watch the day slip away.

If you are looking for energy during Aries season:

This Fire season is perfect for a fun hybrid strain. Try some GG4, Blue Dreamand or Sherbert. A joyful and uninhibited energy is going to be in high demand. Fill up your tank and let the fun begin.

Strains for water signs

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No need to sugarcoat, fiery seasons are tough on water signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Aries’ strong energy to take charge doesn’t go well with sweet, water-sensitive babies. But that doesn’t mean this month has to be a washout.

Take all of Ram’s bold energy this month and use it to advocate for your own needs. Practice setting boundaries with people who might abuse your kindness. Don’t answer the phone if you don’t feel like it. Grow horns this month and you’ll be glad you did for the rest of the year.

If you’re looking to sweeten this Aries season:

Fire and water don’t always mix. To really settle in this season, try relaxing high-CHT hybrid strains like Dosidos, Wappaand animal mints. All of these strains contain 20% THC or more, making them more relaxing and sedating than energizing. Exactly what Dr. Mary Jane ordered this month.

If you are looking for energy during Aries season:

You could probably use a dose of sweetness during Aries season. Sativa strains with a myrcene-like terpene profile Mist, Sunshineand maui wowie offer a fruity and energizing taste. These strains also have moderate amounts of THC and uplifting effects. Take everything with a grain of salt (and a squeeze of lemon) this month – you’ll get there!

Need more varieties to guide you through your earth days? Check your horoscope for the rest of March!

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