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Chickens are being fed marijuana by scientists, instead of antibiotics

A farm in Lampang, Thailand is experimenting with feeding its free-range chickens cannabis as an alternative to antibiotics.

Researchers from Chiang Mai University’s Department of Animal and Aquatic Sciences studied the results of the experiment, which has been running since January 2021. Less than 10% of the farm’s 1,000 chickens have died since the diet change food, which corresponds to the mortality rate. previous seasons when no serious outbreak of disease threatened the herd.

Ground cannabis is added to the chickens’ feed and water while drugs and antibiotics have been removed from their diet, allowing the farm to sell its meat as organic poultry at higher prices . Consumers looking for chickens that haven’t been fed antibiotics are paying about $1.50 a pound for the organic alternative, about double the usual cost. The product was called “GanjaChicken”, and is allegedly more tender and better tasting.

Thai consumers have paid attention to this as the demand for chickens is increasing and many farmers have to use antibiotics. Thus, some customers want to find a safer productsaid Chompunut Lumsangkul, the assistant professor who led the study.

Can’t say cannabis doesn’t leave chickens high, but they behave normallyadded Lumsangkul.

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