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Chem Cookies Weed Strain Review & Information

The aptly named Wonka Bars strain is so tasty and invigorating, it might as well be straight out of a fantasy novel.

The breeders at Exotix Genetix cleverly engineered it by crossing Garlic Cookies with Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies to produce this potent sativa-dominant hybrid.

Sativa/Indica Indoor performance Outdoor performance Flowering period
70%/30% 1-2 OZ/FT² 15-20 ounces/plant Flowering time is 60 days

With a ratio of 70% sativa to 30% indica, you’re sure to expect an uplifting and energizing high that will have you up and going – a must have for those in need.wake up and bake.’

Wonka Bars Strain Information

Filled with tasty and beneficial terpenes, the Wonka Bars strain has become hugely popular in all circles.

Weighing with a THC content which averages 20%, it is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable high.

In this Wonka Bars strain review, we’ll explain why having some of this strain on your shelf is like winning a golden ticket.

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Wonka Bars Strain Information

ORIGIN Garlic cookies, mint chocolate chip cookies
To laugh
FRAGRANCE Nutt, earth, garlic, grass
FLAVORS Chocolate, nuts, fuel, mint
SIDE EFFECTS Red eyes, cottonmouth, munchies.
THC CONTENT % 15%-18%
INDICA / SATIVA% 30%/70%
OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE 15-20 ounces/plant
Wonka Bars Cannabis Strain
Strain Wonka Bars

Wonka Bar Warping Effects

The Wonka Bars strain has a lineage that is nothing short of legendary. It gets its punchy THC content from its heavyweight parent, GMO Cookies; they received their genes from the famous Chemdawg.

Obviously, this strain does not play when it comes to potency.

Cannabis beginners should approach with caution, but it’s not all big hits and knockouts.

Luckily, its parent Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie gave it flavor, delivering a delicious taste to match the effect.

The Wonka Bars variety provides an energizing buzz for the body and head.

It’s the strain type knock before you have to walk the dog or tackle an art project you wanted to start.

It’s been known to elevate mood, boost social engagements, and even induce fits of laughter, which is great. Laughing is good for the mind and the soul.

This strain can definitely invigorate you, but over time, or after enough puffs, you may begin to relax and feel the slow sense of calm wash over you.

In its terpene profile, Wonka Bars buds contain high levels of Myrcene – think wonderful calming properties that melt away stress, anxiety and depression.

Most information online about Wonka Bars strains says they are helpful for nausea, pain, fatigue, and loss of appetite.

Wonka Bars Strain Perfume
Wonka Bars Strain Perfume

Wonka Bars Strain Perfume

We all love it punch power, but the proof is still in the pudding. When it comes to Wonka Bars marijuana, it offers both potency and proof.

It is filled with pungent fragrance.

From the moment you open the jar, you’re slapped with a nutty, earthy smell and a very distinct garlicky funk that he inherited from his GMO daddy.

Add layers of sweet herbs to it too, completing the aromatic invitation for anyone looking to have a delicious smoke.

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Wonka Bars Strain Flavors

Like its seductive scent, the taste of Wonka Bars is rich in flavor.

It burns smooth with an initial skunk taste of fuel followed by a nutty sweetness reminiscent of the taste of chocolate.

Its minty, minty flavor is most pronounced on the exhale, leaving you craving for another puff. Its remarkable combination of smells and flavors is due to its primary terpenes: caryophyllene, myrcene, linalool and limonene.

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Side effects

If you happen to smoke Wonka bars, expect a few things. First of all, you’re probably going to have a great day and maybe even make a few new friends.

You’ll probably feel inclined to pick up a brush and revive an old talent you haven’t seen in a while. Maybe you’ll pick up a pen and notepad and do some deep introspection via poetry.

It has been said that many have experienced slight abdominal stiffness due to fits of laughter and even tears of laughter.

Some even went so far as to say that Wonka Bars put them in a better mood… But those are the “awesome reactions”.

In terms of adverse effects, you can definitely expect Jedi with red eyes, cottonmouths, and maybe a nasty case of the cravings.

Some people have reported experiencing a drop in blood pressure or even mild paranoia.

For those new to the cannabis scene, the Wonka Bars strain usually has a High THC count, so use them with caution and respect.

Cultivating the Wonka Bars Strain
Cultivating the Wonka Bars Strain

Cultivating the Wonka Bars Strain

Fortunately, growing Wonka Bars cannabis does not require advanced expertise and can be grown indoors, outside or in a greenhouse with relative ease, provided the plants receive proper care and attention.

This variety produces medium-sized plants (about 60 to 80 inches indoors) with broad, purple-tinged leaves. sativa.

It has dense buds in a mesmerizing combination of green, purple and orange, frosted in a thick layer of trichomes with a purple tint.

With proper research before growing, your plants will thrive and generate a much higher returnso it’s always a good idea to do your homework first.

Wonka Bars plants respond well to multiple toppings, which will generate a larger harvest at the end of the season.

Grow Wonka Bars
Grow Wonka Bars

Flowering period

There are pros and cons to growing both indoors and outdoors; nevertheless, you can enjoy a handsome yield wherever you grow with the right strain.

Wonka Bars cannabis is that strain.

You can expect a flowering period of around 60 days for indoor setups or around mid-October for outdoor cultivation, generating around 1–2 oz/ft² or 15–20 oz/plant, respectively.

Wonka Bars Strain FAQ

Is Wonka Bars sativa or indica?

The Wonka Bars strain is a hybrid strain, meaning it combines both sativa and indica and possesses the qualities of each. However, Wonka Bars is sativa-dominant, with 70% sativa versus 30% indica.

What is the THC in the Wonka Bars variety?

The THC percentage will always vary from grower to grower depending on their growing methods and skill, but on average it can be between 15% and 22%. Given the genealogy and legacy power of Wonky Bars, it’s safe to assume he’ll pack a punch.

Do Wonka Bars Get You High?

Real Wonka bars? Like the fictional chocolate brand?… No. But Wonka Bars cannabis most certainly will. And if you don’t know the difference between the two, it’s probably safer for you not to try either.

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