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I’m just glad I’m not a tourist. Can you imagine that? You travel to Durango, walk into our dispensary, and then you are immediately surrounded by all the best marijuana products on earth, none of which can be taken home because crossing state lines with marijuana is highly illegal. Know what I mean? I live just down the street so I can have my infused cake and eat it too. And even if a tourist is staying in a hotel, he’s probably out of luck because most hotels don’t allow you to blaze in your room, which is a shame.

I wrote a much longer article on the subject which you can read HERE, but basically you need to be on private property and have permission from the owner to consume cannabis legally in Colorado, and while most hotels are indeed privately owned, most of them won’t give you not their permission, which is a crucial part of the totality. Granted, a few of them allow patrons to smoke weed outside right next to all the cigarette smokers, but until there are social drinking lounges that allow smoking indoors cannabis will still be inconvenient for tourists which sucks. And the really unfair element of it all is that even if that tourist lives in another legal state that borders Colorado, like New Mexico or Arizona, they still can’t bring the cannabis products back from Colorado. at home, because crossing state lines is under federal jurisdiction. This is all pretty ridiculous, and it shows how far we still have to go before we can truly call marijuana “legal.”

I can’t tell you how many tourists I’ve disappointed telling them all of this when they stopped to check out the legal cannabis market in Colorado. They walk in with a puzzled smile that spills over as they learn all the limits, then they say something like “well” once they realize all their preconceptions were too good to be true. Until now, in the best of cases, they could buy a hat or a t-shirt as a souvenir and continue on their way. But like I said, that was only “so far”.

You see, thanks to the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (The Farm Act), hemp became completely legal here in the United States. And if you remember reading THIS blog that describes the difference between hemp and marijuana, you will know that they are exactly the same species of cannabis. Cannabis containing less than 0.3% THC is called “hemp”, while cannabis containing more than 0.3% THC is called “marijuana”. That’s it; that’s literally the only difference.

So we decided to start selling hemp-derived CBD products that are 100% legal to take home, no matter where you live in the United States. Hopefully this will knock some of those tourist frowns away. We have partnered with a local business called 4 Cannabis Corners because in addition to being local, they were also one of the first five companies in the country to produce CBD products from hemp, and they have become one of the best thanks to their experience. This five-star rated company began production in 2013, and its “farm-to-bottle” approach – in which everything used in its products is literally sourced from the region – has distinguished it as the CBD brand of choice. most trusted in the country.

But before we dive into the 4 Corners Cannabis product line that we sell at Durango’s top dispensary, we should have a quick refresher on CBD itself. you can click HERE for a fuller explanation, but for short, CBD stands for “cannabidiol”. It’s a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana, which means it’s a natural chemical compound that doesn’t get you high, unlike its famous cousin, THC. People try taking CBD for a handful of issues, such as inflammation and pain management, but frankly, there haven’t been enough studies on CBD to determine exactly what it can do. or can’t do, so it’s all rather anecdotal at the moment. However, who knows? Maybe CBD really is the panacea everyone says; you’ll just have to try it yourself to find out.

And therein lies the catch: many people want to try CBD without the intoxicating effects (or regional illegality) associated with THC, and until today this was not possible in our dispensary because everything we sold contained enough THC to stop it. Category. So now not only can you buy products here that you can take home, but you can buy hemp-derived edibles that are packed with CBD but devoid of THC to the point where you never have to worry about the poisoning. Now all tourists can have their cake and eat it too, alongside locals like me.

So… let’s get into the products themselves. We now sell three 4 Corners Cannabis products: CBD honey, CBD tincture and CBD lotion. Here’s what you can expect with each:

I start with honey because it is my favorite. And I’m not talking about a tiny little pot of honey as you might expect; it is a monstrous 12oz jar of honey containing 1000mg of CBD. Each teaspoon contains 22mg of CBD, which is perfect in my opinion, so all you have to do is mix one teaspoon into your morning coffee and you’ll be good to go. And the honey itself is 100% sourced from here in Durango, so this product epitomizes everything a cannabis product should be. This honey is $46 after tax.

Next comes the lotion; it seems everyone who comes here looking for CBD is asking for lotion. The hemp-derived version we sell at 4 Corners Cannabis has no frills: it’s fragrance-free with as few ingredients as possible, so this product delivers CBD and nothing but CBD. This lotion contains 500mg of CBD and delivers 10mg with each pump via the convenient dispenser. It’s $30 after tax for a 50ml bottle.

Finally, when it comes to the tincture, I must warn you that this product is formulated with only the benefits of CBD in mind. This means that the only two ingredients are avocado oil and hemp extract, which taste exactly like bran. Many tincture producers want to pamper their customers, so they add all sorts of unnecessary stuff like sugar and artificial flavors to make it go down easier, but believe me, you don’t want that. You want CBD pure and simple, which makes this 4 Corners Cannabis tincture the best on the market. It contains 1000mg of CBD and each 0.25ml serving provides just over 8mg of CBD, so it’s easy to precisely monitor your CBD intake with this product.

And that’s it! If you’re a local disappointed that quality CBD products were only found online or in major cities, come see us and check out what 4 Corners Cannabis has to offer. And if you are a tourist who always Was disappointed that you can’t take anything home from a dispensary, you have to come in here and check it all out. We’re open seven days a week, located near all hotels at 208 Parker Avenue, right here in Bodo Park, and when it comes to hemp-derived CBD products, we’re your best friends!

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