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Cannabiz Media Client Spotlight – ePAC Flexible Packaging

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EPAC flexible packaging is a digital flexible packaging company that provides upright pouches, flatbed pouches and roll packaging solutions to small to medium sized cannabis and hemp businesses as well as businesses of all sizes in a variety of other industries.

Cannabiz Media recently spoke with Ryan Kiley, Director of Market Development at ePAC Flexible Packaging, to learn how he and his team are using the Cannabiz Media license database to support their sales and business development initiatives.

Why does ePAC Flexible Packaging subscribe to the Cannabiz Media License Database?

ePAC Flexible Packaging subscribes to the Cannabiz media license database for business exploration and business development. Ryan explains, “The big advantage of the Cannabiz media license database is that I have access to 75,000 people that I can market to.

The sales team uses the license database for sales research and awareness. “Our sales representatives use the Cannabiz media license database to find license providers, new licenses, and to learn more about what type of businesses they’re going to call or cold call,” Ryan shares. “It gives them something to talk about. When you start a conversation with “Hey, congratulations on your new license,” suddenly it’s a warm call, not a cold one. “

Ryan also uses the Cannabiz media license database to build brand awareness and nurture leads. He says, “I create lists of organized individuals. Sometimes the message is more for a retailer or a producer, but the point is to get people interested in me. So when it comes time to think about packaging, they know the name ePAC. They know they can call someone they trust to get their packaging.

What’s the next step for ePAC flexible packaging?

ePAC Flexible Packaging has opened new facilities in the United States and internationally. When asked what was on the horizon for his business, Ryan replied, “I think it’s just more. This is where the business takes us. I think the next big frontier is Western Europe.

One area that ePAC Flexible Packaging will focus on in the future is expanding its connected packaging solutions that enable digital product tracking. “I can give a consumer confidence by creating a digital identity on the sleeve itself,” Ryan shares. This digital identity confirms things like ingredients, origin, etc. “We took a very powerful platform and made it accessible to small and medium businesses,” says Ryan.

In the future, Ryan hopes this technology takes this technology even further by taking the next steps after a consumer has purchased a product to find out how it is disposed of, recycled and reused in a circular economy. He explains: “We realize that we are a plastics company, so we are part of the problem, but we also want to be part of the solution. We are fully committed to helping recover, reuse, and reuse as much of the stuff we create as humanly possible.

“80% of the things you put in your curbside collection end up in a landfill, even if you have designated it as recyclable plastic. I think we can break that down. If people scan the packaging before they put it in the recycling bin, this product suddenly has a circular life that a business can track and report. “

For more information on the flexible ePAC packaging and to hear more from Ryan, follow the link and listen to the recent Cannabiz Media article. Cannacurio Podcast episode featuring Rayn as a special guest.

To learn more about how the Cannabiz Media Licensing Database subscription can help your business as it helps the ePAC Flexible Packaging team, follow the link and schedule a free demo.

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