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Canada (and the West) is going through a cultural revolution. But not the right kind. This cultural revolution is akin to Mao’s great leap forward. The plague is called Critical Race Theory (CRT). And the cannabis industry is not immune to it.

What is CRT?

You can trace critical race theory back to Frankfurt School of Marxism. However, it is fairer to blame two law professors of the 1980s. Kimberlé Crenshaw, professor of law at Columbia University, and Derrick Bell, former professor of law at New York University, are responsible for this nonsense. .

Critical race theorists believe that countries like Canada and the United States are “systematically racist.” That their predominantly European population suffers from “white privilege”. Therefore, they reject notions of color blindness, where you treat people as individuals rather than a member of an ethnic group. Most CRT supporters consider “individualism” to be part of the supposed white supremacist ideology of Western civilization.

On the one hand, the CRT is good because it views race as a creation of society rather than a biological reality. We are, after all, all homo-sapiens. The color of a person’s skin is determined by the proximity to the equator of their ancestors. Everything else is ethnic culture.

Unfortunately, critical race theorists do not take this approach. Logic would dictate that defining race as a social construct would lead to a “colorblind” society. Instead, CRT proponents also ignore the biological reality that we are all homo-sapiens.

The whole point of the CRT is to justify left-wing positions. This is the intellectual foundation of the “woke” progressive left.

Proponents of CRT behave as if they are doing objective science that no one can reasonably object to. CRT should be renamed to Critical Race Religion, because that’s all it stands for.

A centuries-old belief in a higher power.


Mari Matsuda, a law professor at the University of Hawaii and an early developer of critical race theory, told the New York Times, “For me, critical race theory is a method that takes the lived experience of racism seriously.” But what if the “lived experiences” of minorities do not match the CRT ideology?

Take the “lived experience” of Professor Patanjali Kambhampati of McGill University. As he writes in the national post,

“Today, the ‘lived experience’ of marginalized communities presents itself as an unassailable point. But what if my lived experience makes me even more adamantly in favor of the classic liberal principles that are the very foundation of democracy? My “lived experiences” as a Third World immigrant in the United States actually led me to advocate for the practices of merit, fairness and equality all my life – practices derived from liberal principles. classics.

Many CRT supporters would consider Patanjali an “Uncle Tom”. Probably brainwashed and suffering from an ideological Stockholm syndrome. If that sounds racist, that’s because it is.

Critical race theory is racist, period.

The civil rights movement? It ultimately served “white” interests, says CRT co-initiator Derrick Bell.

That quote from Martin Luther King about judging people by their character rather than their skin color? He didn’t really mean that. And if you’re fair-skinned or of European descent, and you mention this quote, then you’re a racist.

But, for some reason, it is not racist to say that “racism is an integral, permanent and indestructible component of this society”. Or that “black people will never achieve full equality in this country.”

Despite Americans voting for a black president twice.

Critical race theory infects governments and corporations


Justin Trudeau’s Canadian government embraces critical race theory like a fat kid on a donut.

Global Affairs Canada integrates ideology into its training programs. Bell Canada regularly lectures its shareholders, employees and customers on white privilege. Even Home Depot thinks Canada is racist.

And if you think conservative politicians will stand up to this tyranny, think again. Earlier this year, almost all members of OntarioThe provincial parliament of (a majority of them conservative) voted to introduce the CRT to the public school study programme.

Don’t think that minorities are immune to this either.

The District of Waterloo Region School The council has only one black person as a director. He raised obvious concerns about the arrival of this new form of racism in our public schools. The result? Censored because, as he said, “I am not their political program”.

It’s frightening. These people are in a position of power and indoctrinate children with this bullshit. A political movement based on judging people’s skin color is foolish. And dangerous. It’s regressive and reactionary, the complete opposite of being progressive.

Are CRT supporters ignoring Nazi Germany? It is not hyperbolic to compare the two ideologies.

In Grievance Studies, Peter Boghossian, James A. Lindsay and Helen Pluckrose used passages from Mein Kampf, replace “Jew” with “white man”. They aimed to highlight the low scholarship and criteria of academic fields infected with CRT. Their articles were published and praised until the editors found out who was behind them.

How Critical Race Theory Infects the Cannabis industry

Reject the CRT. Read Rothbard.

As the cannabis the industry develops, those who have borne the brunt of prohibition see one of two things happen. They are welcomed into the industry or expelled legally or financially. For many, this proves that “racist hierarchies” dominate Western civilization.

But that has nothing to do with race. by Trudeau legalization the scam keeps a large majority of BC Bud farmers out. It has nothing to do with the color of their skin and everything to do with the size of their bank accounts and the number of political connections they have in Ottawa.

But what about the mass incarnation of nonviolent drug addicts in the United States? Most of them are black. Isn’t this proof of systemic racism?

This is proof that police are racist. This is an area where I agree with the left: defunding the police. I already talked about it here, here, here, hereand here. Long before “Defund the Policewas a meme.

The difference is that I want a private sector model to replace it. Not coco-sounding nonsense like replacing armed guards with “community service workers.”

A private policing model serves communities through contract law. It opens the field to competition.

Suppose you have a private security force in downtown Chicago and your light-skinned employees continue to arrest and shoot darker-skinned people at an exceptionally high rate. How long do you expect to stay in business?

Systemic racism is not prevalent in the cannabis industry. Crony-capitalism is. As Murray Rothbard wrote, “What the state fears above all, of course, is any fundamental threat to its own power and existence.”

CRT as a self-preservation function

An unelected elite of bankers and technocrats fucks ordinary people. They cannot unite us against them. Their biggest fear is that we are all united in the streets, occupying their buildings, chanting “We are the 99%”.

The state must therefore invent or adopt an ideology that will pit us against each other. White against black. Poor versus rich. U.S. against them.

But there is only one “us against them”.

There is creative productivity, the peaceful exchange and cooperation of free people in relation to each other on a consensual basis.

And then there is the coercive predation on these social relations.

The philosopher Albert Jay Nock defined these protest forces as “social power” and “state power”. United, we have enough social power to suppress the state. But first, as Nock wrote, we must recognize that our common enemy is the state.

Two final thoughts on the CRT

Towards the end of George W. Bush’s second term, the economy collapsed. The big banks had made terrible decisions and now wanted a bailout.

Bush said, “we must abandon free market principles to save the free market system,” as if the United States had had something resembling free markets for over a century.

Barack Obama was the populist saviour. He campaigned against big banks and all wars. He was the candidate for peace and would bring America to its senses after eight years of Bush’s War on Terror.

But then Obama won. And continued the wars. Then he bailed out the banks again. The result was Occupy Wall Street. Although the movement had a leftist bent, nearly everyone was in favor of occupying New York’s financial center. It was all of us, the 99%, versus the 1% who had all the power and controlled the money.

It’s no surprise, then, that beginning in 2011 (and certainly following the popularity of Donald Trump), the corporate press began to focus on promoting the race-based divide.

Divide and conquer. This is how the elites win and we lose.

Fortunately, people are waking up. The MacDonald-Laurier Institute has published a series of essays written by ethnic minorities. These essays explain and critique critical race theory from the “lived experiences” of Africans, Caribbeans, Jews, the Middle East, and South Asia.

And although CRT supporters will maintain their power in high positions, ultimately the ordinary people, the silent majority, will determine which way society’s pendulum swings.

And given the growing popularity of “extreme right” ideas, I hope that even the young, most impressive school kids will recognize CRT for the blatantly racist bullshit that it is.

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