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Cannabis and Productivity: Let’s Assess the Nuances


Some people use cannabis to concentrate. Others use it to relax. And many people use it for both.

Cannabis users often claim that the herb helps increase productivity.

They compared the weed to coffee, America’s favorite drug, enthusiastically claiming that it gives them the boost they need to get things done on a daily basis.

They get high before work, at work, after work, in the gym, and while carving out the creative genius they think they have buried deep within.

Hey, more power for them.

What’s confusing, however, is that many of the same people who claim pot is a great motivator also swear it helps them sleep – much better, some say, than prescription drugs like Ambien. .

Wait, productivity and rest? How can marijuana energize stoners’ minds while having the power to put them to sleep?

Most of the cannabis advocates we spoke to don’t think it’s strange that weed helps with productivity while promoting sleep. Because, you know, not all weeds are created equal, duh!

“I use Sativa for breakfast and Indica at night for sleep,” said David, a 34-year-old television producer from New Jersey. Brutality. “I am very productive during the day. It helps me focus and get shit done.

Ah, yes, our old buddies, Indica and Sativa.

It was once believed that the two different species of cannabis plants were responsible for the highs and lows of the powerful buzz.

But there is some controversy over whether Sativa strains, which are said to generate these productive and energetic effects, and Indica strains, which are known to have a calming effect, are really that much different.

Some experts say the famous contrasts between these two plants are misleading.

Many cannabis enthusiasts agree, saying that The Indica and Sativa Debate is broken.

Today, for most experienced users, the desired effect is more about the cannabinoid content, terpenes, and other chemical factors.

“Cannabis contains over a hundred cannabinoids and many different variations of terpenes and flavonoids. That’s what makes a cannabis profile,” said Thommie, a 33-year-old grower from Portland, Oregon.

“It’s what determines if you have a high and uplifting euphoric head change or if you’re tired and hungry. Don’t listen to the hype about Sativa vs. Indica,” he added.

Spend time with cannabis advocates to discuss why certain strains are energizing and why some are depressing, and you’ll hear it all.

Some swear on a stack of Bob Marley records that cannabis undoubtedly makes them better at whatever activity they engage in. But what is the truth?

Medical experts, even those with an affinity for weed, claim that the “energy” people get from cannabis isn’t real. They say the feeling is more than likely a benefit of treating the symptoms of their conditions.

“For some, perhaps they are released from their anxiety or pain to the point where they perceive ‘energy,'” said Dr. Jordan Tishler, CEO of inhale® and instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, said Brutality.

“Others may misinterpret mild heart rate as energy (and others misinterpret this same phenomenon as ‘anxiety’),” he continued.

Cannabis dispensaries are sometimes full of hype, while hopeful patients are placebo-responsive.

“I often point out to patients that no one ever buys cannabis without someone saying, ‘It’s type X that will do Y,'” Dr. Tishler said. “This leads to a preconceived idea of ​​the outcome which is then often fulfilled unconsciously.”

Other members of the medical community believe that cannabis can, in fact, provide users with an increase in productivity. But the results are based on the individual.

Dr. Ethan Russo, Founder and CEO of CReDo Science, a cannabis research company dedicated to making marketed cannabis products “safer and better,” said Brutality that the effectiveness of the plant in the field of creativity and productivity depends on the biochemical composition of cannabis and the neurophysiology of the person who uses it.

“It’s clear that some people enjoy the improved ability to focus and even create when under the influence,” Dr Russo said, adding that he’s seen it more in adults with the disorder. residual attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Dr. Tishler agrees:

“There is data to show that the cognitive function of patients (marijuana users under the care of a doctor) often improves with cannabis, whereas the data shows that the cognition of recreational users is impaired,” a- he postulated.

“The key is that patients are so debilitated by their disease that cannabis, by relieving these symptoms, improves their function (not to ‘normal’ but better than they were).”

And feeling “better” promotes the perception of increased productivity while enabling better sleep.

Still, comparing cannabis to coffee seems a bit of a stretch. After all, coffee is adored for its ability to wake up crisp-eyed Americans, but it doesn’t send them out into the world with red, teary eyes.

Interestingly, Dr. Russo claims that cannabis users do not need to be high or stoned to experience this desired effect. Whether they realize it or not, he told us, it’s not the change of mind they get from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, which gives them that jolt.

The energizing effect actually has more to do with the non-intoxicating counterpart of the compound. “While THC is the culprit for many of the psychoactive side effects of cannabis, its non-intoxicating sibling, cannabidiol (CBD), is actually a stimulant at low to moderate doses and is currently preferred over caffeine in the morning for some people” , said Dr. Russo. noted.

While cannabis may not be the performance-enhancing drug many people claim, that doesn’t mean it can’t help them be more productive in their daily lives. But it’s about balance, not just staying high.

“Using cannabis in the right way, at the right dose, for the right patient, at the right time is key to stable and reliable beneficial results,” Dr. Tishler concluded.

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