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Can Weed Drive You Crazy?

One of the most staggering and dragging arguments against legal marijuana in America is the continuing decline in mental health.

Some of the biggest critics of the cannabis movement have, at one time or another, argued that once again the population is turning into smokersmental health issues ranging from depression to schizophrenia will be exacerbated.

They think it will eventually turn the United States into a land of madmen. Not that we need any help with that.

Some people have indeed lost their minds after using marijuana. The New York Times’ occasional reports to the Anywhere, USA Gazette appear, of stories where enthusiastic cannabis enthusiasts accidentally entered the temporary lunatic realm after consuming too much THC.

And maybe you’ve also heard a few stories about those who have gone crazy on cannabis after years of heavy use. It would seem that the proverbial cheese can, in fact, slip from the cracker of those pot lovers who fly a little too close to the sun in their quest for the eternal buzz.

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