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Have you ever found an old gram forgotten under the bed or in a drawer and wondered if it was still safe to dab it? Can dabs go wrong? While cannabis concentrates don’t spoil in the traditional sense, they have a shelf life. Here’s a complete recap of old dabs and whether or not you can smoke them.

What happens to dabs as you age?

Like almost everything on earth, cannabis concentrates degrade over time. Flowers, edibles, topicals, and tinctures all degrade after sitting on the shelf for a long time. But when it comes to dabs, you can expect the color to change, the terpenes to dissipate, and the cannabinoids to transform into different cannabinoids. For example, THC degrades into CBN, which is known to make you feel extremely sedated. Most concentrates are light golden or honey yellow in color when fresh, although they tend to degrade to shades of amber, rust or even brown. The color change indicates that the terpenes are evaporating, reducing flavor and potency.

Concentrates pass the nucleation process as they deteriorate. Nucleation is the process by which parts of the concentrate begin to separate from each other. Time, temperature, contaminants and lipids in the concentrate all affect the rate at which the process occurs.

Take THC and THCa, for example. The two tend to separate upon nucleation. The terpenes that give the concentrate its characteristic scent and flavor also separate and freeze, giving the product a grainy or sweet texture.

Cannabis itself nucleates relatively quickly. Regular buds lose 17% potency when stored at room temperature outside of an airtight container for one year. With concentrates, the pace is a little faster. Hash and kief can lose up to 50% of their THC under the same conditions and in the same amount of time. The only outlier is the THCa crystals, which are quite stable when stored away from light in an airtight container.

Either way, nucleation causes important parts of the concentrate to separate and degrade, leaving you with a loss of flavor, potency, and a drastic change in appearance. The dabs don’t spoil in a way that makes them unsafe to smoke, but they won’t smell, taste or feel like they did when you first had them.

How to prevent concentrate degradation

The maximum freshness of cannabis concentrates is before six months if you store them in airtight containers and away from light and heat. If you’re looking to save your dabs for the long term, there are a few things you can do to protect them.

First, keep your concentrates at a cooler temperature. You will also want to avoid sunlight and air, so for best results you should store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Exposure to light and heat can act as a catalyst and transform terpenes and other compounds or contaminants, causing an unattractive color change and reducing flavor. It can also speed up the rate at which THC degrades into CBN, turning your concentrates into sleep aids.

Storing your concentrates at a cooler temperature can increase your shelf life and preserve the flavor and potency of your concentrate by slowing down the nucleation process. It also helps maintain the texture or consistency of your dabs. An airtight container is also essential as it protects it from terpene loss through evaporation or, worse, mold, which can cause respiratory issues when dabbed.

For best results, store your concentrates in an airtight, UV-resistant container to smell, taste and smell great for up to one year.

Is it safe to smoke old concentrates?

After about a year, most concentrates are no longer worth smoking. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Some types of hash or rosin are known to get better with age, but in most cases they only get worse. Old concentrates become discolored, less potent and flavorless.

A good rule of thumb is that you lose about 20% of your potency in a year when it comes to concentrates. If you bought 80% THC dabs, you’re down to about 64% THC and 16% CBN, which is sure to put you to sleep. It’ll still get you high in a pinch, but you’ll feel very couchlocked and lazy.

The most important thing is to make sure to avoid lipids. As a concentrate nucleates, the lipids separate from the terpenes and cannabinoids and form a bunch of white and yellow drops. If you dab lipids, it will damage your lungs and can potentially make you very sick. They’re easy to spot, so easy to avoid, but ultimately don’t risk it. Just get some fresh tampons.

Ultimately, when in doubt, just throw it out. There are so many great concentrates in California that there really is no sense wasting your time on an old gram that won’t smell, smell, taste or even look as good. good that you remember.

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