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Bongs from China: The Different Types

Bongs from China: the different types

Fixing your weed is easy these days with the many product and device options available on the market. Among all of these, the bong is the first choice for many marijuana smokers. Just as you have many ways to consume weed, there are several types of bongs that users can explore.

Many brands of these bongs are made in China and the best part is that they are available to smokers in all parts of the world. So what types of bongs from China can you find?

Types of materials for china bongs

Bongs are available in different materials. Before looking at the different types of bongs available in China, it’s worth delving into the materials used to make them. Let’s look at them briefly.


These are the most popular materials used in the creation of bongs. Glass provides a pure, clean taste because glass does not affect the flavor of your smoke in any way. Plus, it’s easy to clean as you can easily see resin buildup, thanks to the transparent nature of the glass. It is essential to mention that glass bongs are generally more expensive than other bong materials.


It is the second most popular bong material. They are durable and easy to maintain. You don’t need to be very careful when handling a plastic bong like you would when handling glass. For starters, they’re less expensive than other materials and are a great choice for traveling because they don’t break easily. However, plastic bongs can slightly affect the taste of your smoke.


Metal bongs are not as common as other types of materials. However, they are durable and very durable. They are cheap but the metal can affect the flavor and taste of your smoke.


Ceramic bongs are sturdier and heavier than most bong materials. They are also flimsy and not a great choice for smoking on the go. What’s exciting about ceramic bongs is that they come in different designs, shapes, colors, and sizes. They are often more expensive than plastic due to the artistry of their manufacture.


This is another popular material used in making bongs. Chinese manufacturers make a wide range of bamboo bongs ranging from basic design to ornamental and fancy with varnish, paint and metal integrated into the design. Bamboo bongs are durable and can last a lifetime if treated well.

Different types of china bongs

So, after looking at the different types of materials used in creating bongs, it’s time to explore the different types of bongs available in China. It is worth mentioning that the different types of bongs can be made from any of the materials highlighted above. Let’s dive into the details of the types of bongs available in the Chinese market.

Carburetor bongs

A bong with a hole in the middle is known as a carburetor bong. Carburetor bongs produce intense hits because of the small hole on the device. By the way, the hole is called the carburetor.

You should place your finger over the hole when lighting your weed and then release it to allow fresh air to enter the pipe. The fresh air is what forces the smoke into your lungs at a faster rate. This makes it more comfortable to inhale all the smoke in the pipe.

straight tube bongs

This is the simplest design of any bong on the market. A straight tube bong comes with a single tube capped at one end with a stem. It also has a bowl at the other end of the stem.

It’s easy and simple to use as you just need to pour a small amount of water down the tube, place your weed in the bowl and light the weed. Straight tube bongs deliver intense hits every session.

Goblet Bongs

This is close to the straight tube bong in its design. The only difference is that the beaker bong has a flared cone-shaped bottom that looks a lot like a beaker, hence the name.

The cup shape is more stable than its straight tube counterpart, thanks to its wide base. However, the smoking techniques are the same. You need to add water to the tube and then add your weed to the bowl before setting it on fire. Then you can enjoy your shot.

Multi-Chamber Bongs

These are also called recycler bongs. They are a variation of straight tube bongs. However, the straight tube of a multi-chamber bong is detached and separated into two different chambers and these are connected by a third chamber.

Both the lower and upper chambers retain water, allowing for double smoke filtration. Multi-chamber bongs produce a smoother, cooler smoke than straight tube or beaker bongs. These devices are more difficult to create due to their complexity. That’s why they are more expensive than others

round base bongs

These look a lot like beaker bongs because they have a wider base. They come with a sphere-shaped water chamber and a flat base. Round base bongs are less stable than beaker bongs but more so than straight tubes because their flat surface is a bit smaller. This bong has the same operating mechanism as straight tube and goblet bongs.

percolator bongs

Also known as bubble bongs, percolator bongs come in different shapes and designs. They can be beaker-shaped, straight-tube or round-based. They can also take any other form depending on the creative prowess of the manufacturer.

percolator bongs for sale are unique because they have a percolator. A percolator is a piece of glass that disperses smoke before it passes through the water, giving off a bubbling effect in the bong. Smoke propagation is what filters and cools the smoke before it is inhaled.


These are different types of water bongs which are made in China. As mentioned, they come in different designs, styles, and shapes. In terms of price, the materials used in the manufacture of each of them contribute significantly to their selling price.

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