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BLUNTNESS/100: Community Organization Honorees

The cannabis industry is still far from operating at a truly fair level, and while lawmakers continue to drag their feet right the wrongs of the nation’s drug war, organizations within the factory community have been doing the heavy lifting for decades.

This segment of THE BLUNTNESS/100 aims to bring together some of the most notable organizations in the cannabis community dedicated to creating a legal industry that is fair, efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Founded by Steve DeAngelo in 2019, The Last Prisoner Project (LPP) is one of the most recognized cannabis organizations in the country. The non-profit organization believes that no one should ever be incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses and works hard to ensure that cannabis incarceration is not part of the industry’s future.

The organization is made up of a team of industry leaders, advocates, policy and education experts, and leaders in social justice and drug policy reform. They provide release from incarceration assistance, financial assistance, and reintegration resources for those released.

LPP is also dedicated to conducting research around the plant, working closely with cannabis policy across the country, and educating wherever they can.

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