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BLUNTNESS/100: Cannabis Media Honorees

As the world catches up with all things cannabis, media platforms in space are more important than ever.

Who publishes quality cannabis content? why do they do it? Who is their audience?

This segment of THE BLUNTNESS/100 spotlights several cannabis media leaders today, in no particular order.

If you’re looking for people with deep business and media experience in cannabis publishing, Stephanie Graziano is the best fit.

In April 2021, Graziano was named CEO of the award-winning company Sensi Media Group. Prior to that, Graziano was co-founder and COO at Green Flower Media, where she brought extensive experience from her time as a business coach and executive producer.

Between 1991 and 2012, Graziano ran his own production company, Graz Entertainment. She has also worked as a producer for Marvel Studios, Fox Kids Networks, Dreamworks Television Animation and served as President of BKN Studios.

This type of cannabis media experience and storytelling is unparalleled.

She is only one year into her tenure at Sensi Media Group. Let’s see how far it goes!

You can follow Stéphanie Graziano on Facebook, Twitterand LinkedIn.

Everyone in the cannabis industry knows Marijuana Trade Dailyled by founding editor Chris Walsh, who is now the publication’s CEO.

From day one, MJBizDaily has been dedicated to uncompromising standards in its journalism, building a loyal following along the way.

MJBizDaily supporters consider the publication the industry’s go-to trade journal, which is a big plus for a fast-growing industry where things can get… confusing at times.

In addition to the daily release, the company is also famous for its annual MJBizCon conference, one of the favorite gathering points for almost the entire US cannabis industry.

In January 2022, it was announced that MJBizDaily had been acquired by Emerald X for over $120 million. This type of salary is what many companies are looking for, but MJBiz plans to maintain the same goal that it always has.

“MJBiz plans to continue serving the cannabis industry as it has for the past decade, now with a deeper bench,” Walsh said.

To follow updates on Chris Walsh, connect with him on LinkedIn.

Debra Borchardt is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Green Market Report, one of the world’s leading sources of cannabis financial information.

Created in 2017, Green Market Report has carved out a place of choice in a short time.

From their website: “The Green Market Report focuses on financial news from the rapidly growing cannabis industry. Our focused approach filters through the everyday noise and dives deep into the financial, business and economic aspects of the cannabis industry. Our team cultivates industry news reviews into a single source and provides open source data insights and analysis”

Borchardt is also a co-founder of the executive networking group Industry Power Women, a board member of cannabis newswire AxisWire, and a popular speaker and panelist at conferences.

Connect with Debra on Facebook, Twitterand LinkedIn.

Javier Hasse is one of the best cannabis and psychedelic writers and reporters – and wow he is prolific!

Hasse is currently the General Manager of Benzinga Cannabis. He is also co-founder and CEO of El Planteo, author of Start your own cannabis businessas well as a contributing cannabis writer at Forbes, Playboy, and more.

One of the great things about Hasse is that it also serves a Spanish-speaking audience, where there’s a lot of demand for quality cannabis content.

Either way, the cannabis world needs more storytellers like Hasse. Keep an eye on this one.

To stay up to date, follow Javier Hasse on instagram, Facebook, Twitterand LinkedIn.

Mark Collins brings strong outside experience to his role as Chairman of Highly capitalizeda financial information network on cannabis and psychedelics.

Previously, Collins served as Chief Brand Officer at Procter & Gamble, Global Marketing Director at CNN, Chief Marketing Officer for Strauss Coffee, and more.

While working for some of the world’s most famous brands, Collins has cultivated a keen eye for business strategy and transformational leadership in a number of markets.

His skills and international experience have translated very well into the world of cannabis, adding value and cohesion every step of the way.

Connect with Mark Collins on LinkedIn.

If you’re looking to focus on the global cannabis industry, Stephen Murphy’s work with Ban Partners and European Cannabis is a good start.

As co-founder and managing director of Prohibition Partners, Murphy has built a strong platform dedicated to industry data, compliance technology, events, media and publishing for a B2B audience.

Murphy is also co-founder of Cannabis Europa, an ongoing conference series helping to shape the future of medical cannabis in Europe.

He is also moving in the psychedelic space as co-founder of , a “premium B2B media and content platform for the psychedelic science and health industry.”

Connect with Stephen Murphy on LinkedIn.

Since 2015, Alex Halperin has brought strong business journalism skills to the cannabis world through WeedWeek.

WeedWeek adds value to readers by providing insight into rapid developments in the industry and its distinct markets and insightful interviews with executives from around the world.

In short, many people in the cannabis industry would be lost without their weekly dose of WeedWeek.

From the About page:

“At WeedWeek, we have nothing against getting high, but we see the phenomenon of cannabis legalization through a larger lens. It’s a complex political story, inseparable from the crueler sides of the story. American, as well as a cultural and scientific catalyst.

You can follow Alex Halperin on Twitter and LinkedIn.

As CEO of The cannigmaElana Goldberg runs one of the world’s top cannabis education platforms.

What makes this Israel-based platform so different from other cannabis education efforts?

Essentially, The Cannigma offers its evidence-based content to readers of all walks of life, from cannabis noobs to doctors, scientists and policy makers.

“About a year ago we realized that most of the information we put out is relevant to whatever way people consume cannabis, whether it’s on the strictly medical side, the hardcore recreational side, or the health space. and well-being that continues to expand in the middle”, goldberg said Brutality.

Goldberg, like many others, believes cannabis has the power to change the world in more ways than one.

For updates on Elana Goldberg and The Cannigma, follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Native Americans are also part of the cannabis world, and Mary Jane Oatman is leading their cause.

As founder of the Indigenous Cannabis Coalition and Tribal Hemp and Cannabis Magazine (THC)and host of the Smoke Signals podcast, Oatman is tireless in her ongoing mission.

And the mission is simple: to provide education to indigenous communities, uplift their economies and promote their traditional and spiritual approach to the plant.

You can keep up with updates on Oatman and THC Magazine by following them on instagram and Facebook.

Mitch Pfeifer and Joey Brabo have done some awesome things in the cannabis media world with their platform Respect my region.

In 2021, they launched an epic North American weed tour to showcase top cannabis brands and the cultural nuances of cannabis in the United States and Canada.

Founded by entrepreneur and CEO Mitch Pfeifer, Respect My Region began as an urban clothing line and quickly grew into what it is today: a full-fledged lifestyle brand that supports people. local artists, other brands and creatives who believe in the value of community. and cultural.

The brand focused on cannabis when Joey Brabo arrived, bringing a wealth of cannabis knowledge and experience.

“I went to Vegas, walked around, and learned that no one really knew anything about commercializing cannabis,” brabo said Brutality in 2021.

“We had been testing new content marketing strategies at Respect My Region, and they were making a lot of money at the clinic where I worked. That’s when I realized we were going to have a place in the industry.

To stay up to date, follow Joey on Facebook and Twittermitch on instagram, Twitterand LinkedIn.

As CEO of The Emerald Media GroupChristina De Giovanni has brought her media savvy, both print and digital, to the cannabis world for over ten years.

Articles, podcasts, videos, newsletters, print magazine issues – the aim is to be a resource for cannabis lovers and canna curious.

From their About page: “Appealing to a range of demographics from Gen Z to seniors, both men and women are drawn to readership by personal wellness topics.”

You can keep up with updates on Christina and Emerald Media by following her on instagram, Facebookand LinkedIn.

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