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Big Purple Daddy by Strane


Some may want to approach Grand Daddy Purple with caution, as her THC percentiles aren’t really relevant to her true overall potency, and her effects have a decidedly energetic cerebral quality, especially at first.


May help alleviate or relieve. certain symptoms associated with:

*ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder)*
* Anxiety/Depression/Stress
* Sleep problems +++
* Eating disorders / Lack of appetite * +++
*muscle tightness/stiffness/inflammation (likely due to higher myrcene and caryophyllene levels)++

blue and orange sherlock pipe with big daddy buds purple bag and stane



Strane’s take on this modern classic is pretty emblematic of GDP in the color department.
When ground, the purple is even more pronounced against the myriad of greens; mostly offset by flecks of a brighter almost fluorescent green.
Good for bowls and buns: GDP
totally suitable for everyone. Best when ground up, but after about a week it’s much easier to break it down by hand.

big, thick, dense buds of the grand daddy purple strain


  • Artificial Grape GDP like Hubba Bubba Grape Bubblegum
  • Lemon/grassy pepper
  • Sweet-Berries
  • Kush-hashish
  • Citrus undertone with citrus hints
  • Semi-metallic tint in bouquet
  • strong skunky aroma that becomes more pungent over time


  • Hostess Blueberry Pie Filling
  • Grape candies
  • Dim-a-tap brand cough syrup in grape flavor



Sometimes Grand Daddy Purple can be a bit harsh. But, even the sharpest hit usually resolves into a refreshing, grape-scented exhale.


the aroma of the burnt state of Gator Breath is an extremely sweet cannabis smell
Significantly superior grape flavor
With an intermediate level of lemon-lime
After the taste of kush-hash at the tail

14 grams of purple little grandpa in front of a strane yellow ziplock storage bag


You may have noticed that many growers now use zippers for their packaging. Many multi-state operators growing in Maryland like Kind Tree, Harvest (Roll One, Modern Flower) for example seem to be swapping their stiff, structured, and sometimes overly ornate glass and plastic packaging for ziplock bags. This move to the bag may be a response to rising costs, as it appears to reduce overhead. With less money spent on unnecessary fluff like glass jars wrapped in hemp, growers can lower their prices to a more competitive range. It’s rather disheartening at worst and silly at best when you open a box to come across a plastic dram that’s only one-third full. You may be wondering why you are paying; you can even justify bringing this dram into your home by offering all the ways to reuse the box or jar if you decide to keep it. Surely worth the extra money you spent on that flower…right?

The Strane “stash” bag seems to signal more of the same; yet another example of the idea that in the world of cannabis packaging, glass could be a thing of the past.

The Strane “stash” bag is another sign that the glass dram may be on its way out.

Glass is the past in cannabis packaging. Disparities in product to package ratios seem to smack of unnecessary cost when the coverage trumps the event.
Prices are rising in just about every sector of the economy. Paying $65 for an eighth of a flower in an ornate pot wrapped in a box seems a bit overly extravagant from a consumer perspective.

To be fair and give credit where it’s due, Strane’s puck drams are probably the best structured packages or “hard boxes” out there. They certainly have their advantages and at least they are not made of glass. Strane’s puck dram has its advantages. for one it is not glass.
It is easy to store in any front trouser pocket; thin enough in fact to fit quite comfortably in a breast pocket; taking up barely more space than a Skoal box or similar.

If you work in a dispensary in Maryland, you might appreciate Strane’s washer-shaped dram even more. Strane provides shelving to its partners, which makes organization easy. They are easy to stack or stack and store, should I say. Whether you orient them vertically in stacks of say 2 to 4, you can also have them front-facing vending machine style and that’s only limited by the depth of your safe’s shelves or a inventory cart placed on a shelf.
But, they are still a hard box dram.
Strane has joined the brave ranks of Kind Tree, District Cannabis and the very first cultivator to offer a ziplock solution, Harvest and their Roll One and Modern Flower brands.
And it’s eye-catching to say the least. Vibrant warning yellow with modest little black text at the top – and made from a non-plastic plastic that’s softer and more playable to the touch.
My first encounter with Strane’s new ziplock was impactful simply because of its size, as it contained 14 grams or half an ounce of expertly dried bud. I was very happy with it as it was easy to open but seems to have a better locking system than some other ziplocks I have seen. And, after almost two weeks now, I can attest that the buds of Grand Daddy Purple awaiting their inevitable consumption are still fresh; they are not dried out or losing trichomes; they’re still pretty squishy with just the right amount of don. All in all, I’m very happy that Strane went this route; especially for a half ounce.



Alphapinene: 0.13% | Betacaryophyllene: 0.42% | Beta Eudesmol: 0.06% | BetaMyrcene: 0.4% | BetaPinene: 0.12% | CBD: 0.18% | CBGA: 1.56% | Humulene: 0.1% | Limonene: 0.63% | Linalool: 0.15% | Terpinolene: 0.04% | THC: 21.9%


1. Limonene 0.63%
2. Beta-caryophyllene: 0.42%
3. Beta-Myrcene 0.40%%
4. Linalool 0.15%


Granddaddy Purple aka GDP aka Grand Daddy Purps is of unknown origin and is generally considered to be a cross of Mendo Purps X (Skunk #1 strains x Afghani Landrace. Although structurally the effects of a GDP Indica come with a rush of cerebral energy which, if experienced in micro-doses, has the potential to ignite creative impulses and increase focus. At higher doses, however, the characteristic sedative euphoria of GDP further erases mental stress and fatigue, as well as grounding the body into an immobilized state of euphoria. Amplification of the senses by GDP in general, but in particular the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time is a hallmark of its high, making it a good choice for those wishing to reap its more cerebral activating effects. Other people looking for a way to increase appetite or aid sleep may also Alternatively, use the classic GDP narcotic. euphoria by simply ingesting more. All in all, GDP can be quite a useful strain considering the extent of her potential to inspire creativity. ity and amplify focus as well as calming the body into a stress-relieving sedative euphoria.

. Big Bud X Violet Urkle.

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