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Best Training for Cannabis Extraction Jobs

Are you a dabbing enthusiast looking for a job creating cannabis concentrates? Are you interested in cannabis extraction jobs or opening a cannabis extraction facility? If yes, the Cannabis Extraction Professional Certificate Program can give you the knowledge you need to succeed.

The cannabis extraction market is growing rapidly and offers many job opportunities for entry-level and higher-level positions. Get the right professional training on mining equipment, processes, types of extractsrules and regulations, and more are essential to landing a rewarding and exciting job in cannabis extraction.

Interested in gaining industry credentials from a renowned marijuana training institute? Enroll in the world-class cannabis training and certification program at Cannabis Training University. Our affordable and comprehensive job training is available online and can teach you everything you need to know about working in the mining sector of industry.

Who is Cannabis Training University?

Since 2009, Cannabis Training University has been the world leader in cannabis education. Over the years, CTU has grown from in-person weekend seminars to an online cannabis industry training school with over 60,000 graduates from over 20 countries.

Learn more about the benefits of registering in CTU’s online marijuana courses.

What is the Cannabis Extraction Pro certificate?

Learn everything you need to know about cannabis concentrate production by signing up for CTU’s Cannabis Extraction Pro certificate. Our program offers informative lessons and videos on how to open, run or work in a cannabis extraction lab.

The Extraction Training Program teaches you about the different extraction methods and how to start a cannabis business from scratch. A Cannabis Extraction Pro certificate can provide you with the credentials you need to work or manage a cannabis extraction facility.

Classes: 5

Training required: 13.5 hours

Optional content: 50 hours

Downloadable resources: 31

Access time: 12 months

What are the classes of the Cannabis Extraction Pro program?

CTU’s Cannabis Extraction Pro program offers students of all levels a comprehensive curriculum covering the science and business of cannabis.

Here is what you can expect to learn in this program:


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Introductory Cannabis Basics Course

Dive into the essentials of the cannabis plant. Discover the different plant compounds and how they interact in our body. Learn about the main types of cannabis products, including flowers, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. Learn about the different types of drug tests and how to prepare for them.

Class of Cannabis Extraction Methods

To explore solventless and solvent-based extraction methods used to create cannabis concentrates. Our course covers every step of the extraction process, from preparing the plant material, extracting it, straining, straining, and purging the resin for ultimate purity.

Cannabis Extraction Careers Course

Not sure where you fit in the industry? This course gives you an overview of the main types of careers in cannabis extraction, covering job requirements that vary by state and career basics, such as how to find a job, write a resume and a cover letter, and pass the interview.

Explore the roles and responsibilities of different positions, skills, education and experience needed, compensation and opportunities for advancement for cannabis extractors.

Business Class Cannabis Extraction

It’s hard to start a cannabis business without the proper guidance. This class covers everything from preparing to seek a cannabis business license to opening a licensed cannabis extraction facility. Learn how to get financing, create a business plan and pitch deck, hire the right team members, secure ownership, order materials, and get your products in store.

Introductory Cannabis Laws and Regulations Course

Understanding local, state, and federal cannabis rules and regulations is essential to running a compliant operation. Whether you work or operate a mining facility, it’s essential to know what rules you need to follow, so you don’t lose your business license.

Cannabis Extraction Jobs

Working in a cannabis extraction facility requires technical, laboratory and scientific training or work experience. Although a degree in chemistry or related sciences may not be required for entry-level mining jobs, it is preferred. However, many job seekers have obtained an extraction technician position without direct laboratory experience.

Having credentials from a reputable vocational training program can give you the competitive edge in landing the interview and the job. Here are some of the job opportunities available in the field of cannabis extraction.

mining manager

A cannabis extraction lab manager must have extensive knowledge and experience in cannabis manufacturing. An Extraction Manager is responsible for overseeing the entire extraction and infusion department.

Compliance Manager

A compliance officer is responsible for knowing the latest rules and regulations on cannabis extraction labs.

Checkout Manager

An extraction lab manager is responsible for overseeing the extraction process and ensuring the safe and proper operation of extraction and post-processing equipment. Laboratory managers should be aware of any equipment problems and notify the extraction specialist.

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marijuana extract course

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A laboratory chemist, also known as a laboratory analyst, is responsible for preparing the extraction material and the biomass (plant material). Chemists can also perform cannabis extraction and regular maintenance on lab components.

Quality Manager

A quality control manager ensures that the production process follows standard operating procedures. Quality managers can oversee product testing and labeling and manage product recalls and returns.

Extraction Technician

A cannabis extraction technician is an entry-level position. Technicians are responsible for assisting throughout the concentrate production process. Duties may include preparing materials, cleaning machinery and operating equipment under supervision.

Start your career in cannabis extraction today

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