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Best resources on cannabis certifications and marijuana education

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The medical cannabis industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year. With the continued regulation and legalization of medical marijuana in many countries, the continued demand for qualified individuals to work in this industry is also increasing.

Whether you are someone who wants to learn more about growing this plant as a hobby, or someone who wants to learn more about medical marijuana certification and cannabis courses, in our article today ‘ today we will show you some interesting links. So, if you are interested in this topic, we recommend that you continue reading.

Where to Get Medical Marijuana Certification Online?

There are several official university centers that offer accredited degrees in the field of marijuana certification, but only a few offer fully online training.

We are going to recommend two of the best pages related to marijuana education online. Obviously, there are many accredited educational centers and programs, but we believe these are the best today.

This institution offers some of the best courses on cannabis certificate at really affordable prices, and so that you can study at your own pace, online and with the most up-to-date information.

ED Green Culture offers online marijuana training on a wide variety of topics including: dispensary technician skills, cannabis business operations, introduction to cannabis chemistry, hydroponics, harvesting and more others.

Here are some of the courses you will find at Green Culture ED

The Green Culture ED approach is particularly interesting for all those (professionals or amateurs) who wish to follow the courses and study independently.

They also offer highly regarded marijuana certifications in the industry, such as the Oregon Worker Certification credential.

In addition, this academic institution also offers free trial lessons so you can try the online marijuana education program for free.

At the end of the line : ED Green Culture is a great option if you are looking for a marijuana certification to study entirely online.

If there’s anything we love about THC University, it’s that those of us who make up “Online Weed News” have taken their cannabis education classes…and that’s why We like it !

THC University was one of the first online institutions to offer fully online medical marijuana certification courses.

Its academic staff is made up of top cannabis industry professionals with decades of experience.

Some of the medical cannabis certifications granted by THC University

On their website you will find some of the best cannabis certificate degrees at really very competitive prices, and they are worth it.

Moreover, their webinars are very interesting, educational and feature high profile personalities such as Jorge Cervantes.

Bottom line: For less than $190, you can enroll in all courses and get your medical marijuana certificate at a prestigious, world-renowned cannabis school. And completely online!

Other Free Medical Marijuana Certification Courses

On the other hand, if your budget is low (or even zero), you can learn a lot about marijuana certification, growing cannabis, how to be a budtender, and much more. This is the best option for people looking for classes on growing marijuana as a hobby. But you should keep in mind that most free courses do not guarantee a degree.

What is our recommendation? Mainly two.
The different tutorials that you can find on pages like Youtube, and, above all, a classic element that has helped many growers for decades: Books.

In our Online Store you have an interesting selection of the best books on growing marijuana, CBD edibles, medical cannabis, and all things weed.

Blogs! Blogs! Blogging!! (and websites!)

Maybe you’re the type of person who doesn’t have time to get a medical marijuana certification, take online cannabis courses, or read books. Well, if you just want to stay informed about cannabis cultivation, medical marijuana uses, or industry news, there are plenty of free sources of information.

But… what’s the best way to find all the coolest marijuana blogs and sites? Without a doubt, our number one recommendation is Feedspot Marijuana Blogs.

This impressive list has more than 100 blogs and sites on marijuana, CBD, cannabis and all topics related to the medical use of marijuana, news on legislation, regulations, dispensaries, companies related to the grass and everything you need to be fully informed every day.

Feedspot Marijuana Blogs is by far our number one source of daily information, and that’s why we recommend it: everything students, growers, enthusiasts and cannabis users need can be found on this site.


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