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Avoid Cotton Mouth

Smoking weed is a fantastic experience that can be different every time. One of the annoying side effects of smoking weed is that you can get dry mouth. This is called a cotton mouth. The hot smoke you inhale can irritate your airways, throat, and palate. These are all annoying effects that can spoil a very nice experience. And smoking should be fun, right? That’s why we have some tips to prevent a sore throat, or if you already have a sore throat, to reduce it. Read on and find out why the effect of a dry mouth occurs, how to avoid cotton mouth and what you can do to get some relief.

Cannabis Smoking Side Effects

Smoking weed is an amazing experience, but the physical side effects can be quite harsh. Cannabis can give some negative side effects which are not necessarily dangerous but can be annoying. These can make the pleasure of smoking less enjoyable. When marijuana smoking became universally legalized, research into its effects would be much more widespread and comprehensive. But as things stand, we are still limited to only being able to mitigate these inconveniences with the information we have.


In this article, we are interested in the appearance of the cottonmouth phenomenon. Cottonmouth causes your throat to feel sore and dry after smoking weed. Cottonmouth is one of the most common negative side effects of pot smoke.. Almost all smokers have a cotton mouth. But what is the cause? And what can you do to soothe your throat?

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You can avoid dry, cottony mouth by drinking plenty of water.. Not only during smoking, but also before smoking cannabis. It is very important to drink enough water so that your body does not dry out. There are even more ways to soothe your throat. Honey tea is suitable for many people and chamomile tea is also very soothing. You can also buy sweets with soothing properties. It’s also important to keep your mouth clean and brush your teeth daily so smoke residue doesn’t linger in your mouth.

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Sore, dry throat after smoking weed

Sometimes it’s not just a cotton mouth, but you also have to cough when you smoke weed. This is caused by throat irritation. The main reason for this is that you are inhaling hot smoke and your airways are drying out. Cannabis smoke affects the entire airways, from your mouth to your lungs and bronchial tubes. In addition, the production of saliva is slowed down.

In conclusion?

Below are some suggestions that will help you reduce the effects of cottony mouth, if not eradicate it.

  • Chewing gum or taking a mint can help: This will help clean out any smoke particles that linger in your mouth and throat. This will help clean your mouth and remove particles that irritate you.
  • You can start by drinking water: Water is the best way to alleviate a dry throat or mouth. It also keeps you hydrated.
  • You can drink other hydrating beverages: You can drink a sports drink or another beverage designed to hydrate you. This will keep you hydrated and your throat will be less irritated.
  • Drink tea with honey: Tea and honey will help soothe a sore throat caused by smoking.


Try these tips because it would be a shame if your amazing smoking experience was ruined by a cotton mouth or other side effects. Good knock!

Warning: This content is intended for educational purposes only. It has been compiled with research from external sources. it is not intended to replace medical or legal advice. Please consult your local laws for the legality of cannabis consumption.

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