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Arkansas Supreme Court blasts failings of state medical marijuana regulators

Arkansas Supreme Court justices had harsh criticism for state medical marijuana regulators in concurring and dissenting opinions in a recent MMJ business license lawsuit.

According to Arkansas Business, judges blasted the state’s Medical Marijuana Commission for a variety of failures despite upholding the MMC’s decision not to license the company that filed the lawsuit, Eureka Green.


“We see one appeal after another that highlights MMC’s shortcomings,” Judge Courtney Rae Hudson wrote in an opinion, adding that “we must not forget” corruption allegations dating as far back as 2018 when the Arkansas MMJ market was launched.

According to Arkansas Business, the judges also:

Criticized the MMC for not updating its rules and protocols in line with previous legal rulings. Found that regulators had failed in both the licensing process and the development of industry rules.

Meanwhile, the MMC said on Monday that doctors

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