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An Insider’s View on Washington D.C.’s Best Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Patients and consumers today have more options than ever when it comes to purchasing cannabis-based medicines. Many are eager to support local businesses that are making a difference and building a sustainable and fair cannabis industry.

Takoma Wellness Center’s ties to the community run deep. Both of Stephanie’s parents grew up in Washington, DC, a few blocks from the current location of the medical dispensary. It was her parents’ experience of using cannabis on the advice of doctors that inspired the Kahns to open a medical dispensary. As Stephanie says, “The history of medical cannabis in our town is personal to us, it’s also our family history.” (Learn more about their history here.)

Stephanie is humble when it comes to how the dispensary reinvests in the community. When asked, she shares that the Takoma Wellness Center hires from the community, offering full health benefits, paid time off, and above minimum wage. The dispensary also participated in National Radiation Week and supports various community groups and programs.

Takoma Wellness Center won Washington City Paper’s Best of DC Best Dispensary Award for five consecutive years for its commitment to patients and the community, as well as its extensive product selection.

Additionally, as a commercial member of Leaf411, Takoma Wellness Center also helps to ensure that cannabis education is freely available to all patients, regardless of where they live.

Katherine Golden, Founder and CEO of Leaf411, says, “From the calls we receive from customers at Takoma Wellness Center, we can tell that their staff really cares about helping patients buy only what they need. need, saving them money and reducing buyer’s remorse by providing them with resources like Leaf411.

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Thousands of cannabis brands are vying for your attention and your money. How do you sort through all the options to find amazing companies like Takoma Wellness Center? We suggest starting with our Leaf member directory located under our Resources tab on our homepage, to find CBD cannabis and hemp companies located across the United States. We carefully review all our support members and are confident to refer members of the public, our callers, friends and family members to these companies.

Remember that non-profit Leaf411 is a resource available at no cost to you, the public. Whether you want help understanding an online dispensary’s menu or have questions about product dosage or potential interactions with other medications, our trained cannabis nurses can help. Call the Leaf411 hotline at 844-LEAF411 (844-532-3411) or chat with us from our homepage during hotline hours, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. MDT.

The Leaf411 Cannabis Nurses Hotline provides free, anonymous education and directional support to the general public on the safe use of legal cannabis. We are partners with select business members that meet our rigorous standards to expand our education and outreach efforts.

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