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Amsterdam Mayor Plans To Move Forward With Tourist Cannabis Café Ban

Some see the Netherlands, and more specifically Amsterdam, as a drug utopia. A place where everything is legal, permitted and prosperous. A place where you can smoke cannabis on the street, walk around the red light district and snack on magic truffles. But what are magic truffles? And are they as powerful as magic mushrooms? Also, why is one legal but not the other? Although Amsterdam may seem like a decidedly open city, it is much more nuanced than that. Using Amsterdam as a point of reference, let’s take a closer look at what the real difference between magic truffles and magic mushrooms is.

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Dutch drug laws


It is a common misconception that drugs are legal in the Netherlands. In fact, even cannabis, which is sold publicly on the streets of Amsterdam, is still an illegal drug. This means that Luxembourg was actually the first country in Europe to officially legalize cannabis for cultivation and consumption. But how can this be the case? Well, CNN Travel develops:

“You may be surprised to learn that recreational drugs are illegal in the Netherlands. Yes, even pot. But an official policy of tolerance emerged and in 1976 the Dutch parliament decriminalized possession of less than 5 grams of cannabis.

What happened after this decision was a new culture of coffee shops where you could buy up to 5 grams of cannabis flower, under the pretext that it was not illegal, only decriminalized. That evolved and now Amsterdam is known for its cannabis culture, with over 160 coffeeshops in the city center. There is a wide range of cannabis products for sale in Amsterdam including: edibles, high THC buds, tinctures, and more.

magic mushrooms

So what about other types of drugs? What about magic mushrooms? Almost all other drugs are treated harshly. Kind of like the rest of the world. Cocaine, heroin and MDMA are all illegal and are only sold illegally on the dark web or through street dealers. It was only cannabis that seemed to find its own escape route. Well, interestingly, before 2008 magic mushrooms were actually a legal drug in the Netherlands.

Magic mushrooms are wild mushrooms found all over the world. Mushrooms can be poisonous, so it’s important to know what exactly magic mushrooms look like if you decide to go looking for them. The magic kind resembles an ordinary mushroom, except that it has a longer stem and a smaller head. Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, which is a natural hallucinogenic and psychoactive ingredient. It is psilocybin that is responsible for the well-known effects of shrooms. These effects include:

  • Distorted sense of reality
  • Euphoria
  • Sensory enhancement
  • Hallucinations
  • Introspection

magic mushrooms are generally ranked as the number one drug category in the world because they are a hallucinogen. In the US they are considered Schedule 1 and in the UK they are considered Class A, which means they are believed to be at a high risk of abuse and addiction. Any drug that twists and reshapes reality is often considered the most dangerous drug by most nations, although this is not necessarily accurate. And this despite the fact that psilocybin has been shown to have many different medical benefits. In 2016, a study by John Hopkins found that psilocybin could help treat people with anxiety and depression.

In the Netherlands, mushrooms only recently became illegal. NBC news articlewritten in 2007:“The Netherlands will ban the sale of hallucinogenic mushrooms, the government announced on Friday, reinforcing the country’s famous liberal drug policy after the suicide of a drunken teenager.”

After a girl under the influence of mushrooms jumped out of a window in 2007, protests against hallucinogens took place that made the drug illegal. Therefore, the majority of types of magic mushrooms have been banned. All but one: the truffle.

What are truffles?

So for us to understand why truffles have remained legal, we must first understand what they really are. And, of course, how they differ from magic mushrooms. We mostly talk about truffles in connection with the Netherlands because most other countries do not allow them. Also, when people visit Amsterdam, many are surprised by how easy it is to buy truffles. They can be purchased at coffeeshops and fancy boutiques and usually come in colorful wrappers with names such as: “mexicana”, “atlantis” and “high hawaiians”. All claim to be stronger than each other. But what are truffles really?

Magic truffles have nothing to do with the types of truffles you cook with, except they have one similarity: they grow underground. Magic truffles are sclerotia, which are basically a hardened mass of fungal mycelium growing below the surface. Magic truffles come from the mycelium of the psilocybe mushroom and contain psilocybin. Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic compound and gives truffles and mushrooms their psychedelic effects.

Taste & Appearance

Magic truffles are basically magic mushrooms that never made it to the surface, and that’s exactly what they look like. They look like mushrooms that never saw the sun and couldn’t grow. This means that they taste a bit like earth and dirt. Also, they are very dry, so eating them without liquid can be quite difficult.

Magic Mushrooms vs Magic Truffles

So what are the differences between these two mushrooms, and why is one legal and the other not in the Netherlands?


First, let’s look at the scientific differences between the two substances. So far we know that they both contain psilocybin, which is a psychedelic compound. But also, that’s what National Library of Medicine must say:

“Magic mushrooms are the most common name given to hallucinogenic mushrooms containing the psychoactive alkaloids psilocybin and psilocine. In recent years, mushroom sclerotia, commonly referred to as “magic truffles”, have become a form of supply of psychoactive Psilocybe alkaloids since Psilocybe sclerotia are not specifically included in laws prohibiting the sale, purchase and distribution of mushrooms. use of such substances and mushrooms containing them. ”

This means that magic mushrooms and magic mushrooms are essentially the same thing. However, magic truffles are simply at an earlier stage of development. They are at a more embryonic stage, hence the reason why they are “picked” while they are still underground. Also known as sclerotia, magic truffles are a younger mushroom, which stores food reserves in a hard mycelium. These then turn into magic mushrooms after a while.


Magic mushrooms and magic truffles are not alike. In fact, truffles look like what they are: stunted mushrooms that have never risen to the surface and never seen the sun. They also look like a piece of darker ginger. Whatever you want to compare them too, they certainly don’t look appealing. Magic mushrooms – on the other hand – look like regular mushrooms, except with longer stems and smaller heads.


Some believe that truffles must be less potent than mushrooms because they are legal and less shaped. This is not necessarily correct. Both contain psilocybin and the same chemical compounds, so they should technically have the same potency. However, because Magic Truffles are standardized and marketed, they have been able to create and pack various strengths and potencies. Therefore, you can buy weak, soft and strong magic truffles in Amsterdam. It’s harder to do the same with magic mushrooms because they’re illegal and are usually sold by people who don’t have different types. Magic truffles and magic mushrooms are digested, they usually kick in after about an hour, and their effects can last 4-8 hours. Overall, Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms have the same level of power, but Truffles can be bought for less if customers need them.


If all of this is the case, then why did the Netherlands decide to ban magic mushrooms but not magic truffles? Well, first it is important to understand that countries like the UK and the US have banned the substance of psilocybin, which, therefore, has made anything containing this substance illegal as well. This includes both magic mushrooms and magic truffles. However, in the Netherlands they decided to ban magic mushrooms as a substance, rather than what they contain. This left room for magic truffles to slip through the cracks.


Magic mushrooms and magic truffles are essentially the same drug, except they’re both in different stages of growth. The Netherlands, in particular, has decided to treat each drug individually rather than the substances the drug contains. Whatever you believe to be right or wrong, the bottom line is that magic truffles are potent and extremely easy to buy in Amsterdam. So, if you are looking for an exciting and legal experience, be sure to go there and give them a try.

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