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ACHEM Global Health Summit on Cannabis in Sports Advances Health Equity for Athletes

More than 200 athletes, coaches, medical professionals and sports fans gathered virtually on Saturday for the ACHEM Global Health Summit: Athletes and Associations discuss the integration of cannabis into sports medicine. United by shared values ​​and a common vision for health equity, summit attendees participated in the one-day virtual summit, which provided attendees with a full range of educational and informative cannabis programs hosted by ACHM and its coalition partners.

the Cannabis Council of the United States (USCC) and the Proposed Marijuana Policy (MPP) were the title sponsors of this event. Athletes and Associations also featured Care British Columbia and Vicente Sederberg LLP as sponsors.

Athletes and Cannabis

Athletes are prohibited from using cannabis for a myriad of reasons – health risks, purported performance-enhancing abilities, and the belief that cannabis use violates “the spirit of sport”. Despite this, many have increasingly embraced the plant for its health and wellness potential. However, these athletes are held back by the outdated, punitive and unscientific regulations enforced by sports organizations. ACHEM created the Athletes and Associations edition of its Global Health Summit to capture these sentiments and provide participants with the resources they need to advocate for long overdue changes in sports governing bodies.

Athletes and Associations was the second event in the Association for Cannabis Health and Medicine (ACHEM) Global Health Summit Series and covered many topics related to cannabis and sports medicine. After a keynote address by Dr. Rachel Knox, Chair of the ACHEM Board of Directors, attendees took part in sessions such as cannabinoid sports medicine, health equity in sport, and sports reform. sports policy. The event also brought together a wide range of partners, speakers and entertainers, including former NFL linebacker and CBD entrepreneur Lofa Tatupu; MPP President and CEO Toi Hutchinson; Dr. Bonni Goldstein, pediatrician and founder of Canna-Centers Wellness & Education; cannabinologist Dr Sunil Aggarwal; retired NFL player, forward-thinking cannabis advocate and businessman Marvin Washington; MMA fighter Elias Theodorou; ACHEM Speakers Guild; Physicians for Cannabis Regulation; American Association of Cannabis Nurses; Cannabis Nurses Network, and more. Throughout the day’s schedule of events, there were opportunities to network with summit speakers and sponsoring organizations during the exhibit and networking sessions. Participants were also encouraged to take a moment to relax and refocus during a yoga session with SannaOhana Yoga & Wellness.

“The summit was a powerful example of ACHEM’s mission to serve communities and improve accessibility to health and wellness in action,” said Toi Hutchinson, President and CEO of MPP. . “At MPP, we strive to foster inclusive legalization, policies and practices across the cannabis industry. Events like the ACHEM Global Health Summit help us achieve our goal. I believe this event will have a lasting impact on athletics and move the conversation and action towards normalizing cannabis to achieve health equity in sport.

Throughout the summit, attendees heard directly from these sports and medical professionals and learned about the challenges athletes face when embracing cannabis. Elias Theodorou has shared the story of his grueling 5-year journey to gain a medical use exemption for cannabis as an MMA fighter. His fight shocked and inspired participants to push for the inclusion of cannabis in sports medicine. Professional rugby player Anna Symonds spoke about her use of cannabinoids for health purposes and detailed the challenges of drug testing in an emerging sport in the United States. Marvin Washington brought his story as an NFL player and explained that many current players support cannabis use but do not do so publicly for fear of consequences. They also sparked discussions about the future of sports medicine and how cannabis can greatly improve the health and lives of athletes.

ACHEM seeks to increase awareness and skill in the medical and clinical applications of cannabis science. the world health summit creates a space for people from different sectors and backgrounds to learn about cannabis in a supportive environment, stay at the forefront of cannabis innovation, and join forces to advocate for change in the healthcare and medicine. Athletes and Associations took this mission one step further by focusing on the implications of cannabis in sports medicine for athletes, coaches, trainers and the associations that support them. ACHEM plans to host a series of community watch parties with summit panels to advance health equity in sport.

Association for Cannabis Health and Medicine (ACHEM)

ACHEM, BIPOC’s premier coalition of cannabis pioneers and thought leaders, provides a trusted and powerful resource of cannabis knowledge by redefining health equity and combining it with evidence-based scientific research. evidence, sharp critical thinking skills, continuous interaction with innovation and new scientific information. , and an ethical loyalty to pass on our knowledge to the next generation of all healthcare professionals.

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