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A New Study on Cannabis And Fitness

The potential of the cannabis plant has been widely recognized by scientists, medical experts and patients. One of the recent reasons cannabis is trending is due to its link to exercise/fitness. More and more people have shown an active interest in consuming weed for training. All of this has made scientists curious about cannabis and its true effects on people who exercise, as there is not enough research available in this area.

Following the trend and curiosity, the scientific community is now coming up with a study named ‘STUDY’ (Physical and Cannabis Effects Study) to deeply understand the relationship between marijuana and fitness.

Study on physical activity and the effects of cannabis (STUDY)

STUDY (Study on physical activity and the effects of cannabis) conducted by the University of Colorado happens to be the first-ever research on cannabis and fitness from a scientific perspective.

“To date, there are no human studies on the effects of legal market cannabis on the exercise experience,” said Laurel Gibson, a doctoral student in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience and the study’s principal investigator. . “That’s where we come in.”

The study is currently ongoing and will examine participants to find out how cannabis influences their level of fitness in different situational scenarios.

The study recruited 50 paid volunteers who were given the option to choose any THC- or CBD-dominant strain and use it within 30 minutes of their workouts. Now, the interesting point here is that the researchers ask the participants questions every 10 minutes during the training and try to understand different aspects such as how they feel, how difficult or pleasant the training is, etc.

The researchers also commented on the stigmatized image of cannabis and how people come forward to destigmatize it by bludgeoning its compounds with different forms of practices.

“Cannabis is often associated with decreased motivation – that stereotype of the couch and laziness. But at the same time, we’re seeing a growing number of anecdotal reports of people using it in combination with everything from golf and yoga to snowboarding and running.

Colleagues from the university expect a contradictory result when comparing sober workouts and those with cannabis use.

Cannabis for fitness: is it useful?

Cannabis, marijuana, weed, hash, or pot, whatever you call it, is an herbal plant containing hundreds of naturally occurring compounds, the most common being cannabinoids. Cannabis is widely used for its therapeutic potential. From chronic pain to cancer, it can help manage an assortment of medical conditions. Patients can even access legal medical cannabis products for the treatment of certain debilitating medical conditions. For example, a resident of New York just needs a medical marijuana new york card to obtain medical cannabis.

Well, not just for medical reasons, but the use of the plant to improve exercise is also under discussion. Many athletes and sportspeople actively use a certain percentage of THC to boost the good running vibes, as they say. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive component of cannabis that produces the euphoric feeling in users.

CBD or cannabidiol is another popular cannabinoid that has a devoted following for its healing properties.

If studies and reviews of cannabis users were to be considered, here are the key points on how cannabis can help improve fitness levels.

THC can help boost the physical and emotional enjoyment of working out

‘Top runner’‘, is a popular term among athletes that apparently describes the feeling of energy, pain relief, and euphoria an athlete feels after or during a workout. Research suggests that the same feeling is induced with THC consumption. This is the main reason for the popularity of THC among people who go to the gym a lot. Human bodies are designed to derive emotional and physical pleasure from exercise and THC helps to experience this. THC binds to the natural CB1 and CB2 receptors present in the nervous system and influences functions such as pain, pleasure, mood.

“It’s possible that exogenous cannabinoids like THC or CBD activate the endocannabinoid system in a way that mimics the runner’s high,” the STUDY researcher said.

Provide relief from pain and inflammation

Pain relief is by far the most commonly cited medical benefit of cannabis by patients. One can feel almost helpless after an intense day at the gym, which can lead to intense pain and aches. Taking CBD in the right amount can help relieve pain and muscle cramps. A significant portion of the US population uses the cannabinoid (CBD) to relieve chronic pain and inflammation.

Sharpen your concentration

CBD contains anti-anxiety properties that not only help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, but naturally put you in a more relaxed and comfortable space. And it automatically sharpens your focus, whether doing a mental task or working out. Athletes report that consuming cannabis before training gives them their “zone” where they feel more focused and dedicated.

Gives you a good night’s sleep

The relaxing effects of CBD and THC are well known throughout America. It is essential to give your body a complete rest after an intense training session and sometimes you just cannot sleep even after so much physical exertion. And that’s where THC could help. Although the cannabinoid is stigmatized for its psychoactive effects, consuming it in low amounts can help you get a good night’s sleep.


Concluding the above discussion, it can be said that cannabis has the potential to enhance the effects of exercise, but more structured and detailed studies are needed to investigate its long-term effects.

Hoping to get great results from the study, the researcher said, “We know so little and there is so much we need to learn.”

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