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A guide to smoking dabs

What to smoke dabs with?

As mentioned above, “dabs” (don’t call it a “dabs”, it’s not an acronym) can be a cross between smoking and vaping, although much closer to the latter than the former. Visit learn more about other cannabis products When you ‘dab’, you use a unique bong-like object called a ‘dab rig’; these look so much like ordinary water pipes that a newcomer might confuse the two at first sight. There are a few key differences worth looking at though, so let’s repeat each step step by step.

Mouthpiece, neck and water chamber:

Like any pipe-like device, these may look different from part to part, but ultimately serve an equivalent purpose. Water enters the chamber, mouthpiece goes over the top, lungs inhale, smoke or vapor collects in the chamber to be vented if you’ve smoked a bong before mastering this part of the installation.

Down stem:

Now things are starting to demand a different twist. One method that you will indicate if you are looking at a bong or dab rig is stem angle. The downstem goes straight into the water chamber for many bongs and water pipes, usually at something around a forty-five degree bend. On a dab line, however, the lower stem will likely have a sharp, straight angle, going straight down.

Next, enter a 90 degree address into the water chamber; a simple dab rig will have a somewhat domed area at this joint where leftover melted concentrates can collect for reuse. As for the bowl, this is where things change completely.

Nails, domes and firecrackers:

Unlike the bowl of a bong, which is designed to carry dried material, the top of the lower stem will instead have one of two things: a “nail” or a “banger”.

Studs and domes

Nails are often very similar in shape to what you would expect; long and somewhat like a spike, with a flat, broad head at one end. A few more bowl-like objects can also be used in dab rigs and are often referred to as nails, despite the lack of visual similarity. While the nail may be a traditional nail-shaped object, it may or may not have a “dome” to cover it. The dome helps to ensure that the vapor produced by applying the concentrate to the nail does not escape from the surrounding air.


Bangers generally look more like the traditional weed bowl one is used to, although it works much like the equivalent of a nail. The banger is heated to heat up before placing the concentrate inside to vape. Compared to a nail, a banger is generally considered easier to use and less expensive, but is often more expensive depending on its material.

Whether you use a nail or a banger, this section of the pipe is heated directly. Typically using a butane torch (although there are electrically heated models), a concentrate is either delayed up to the nail or placed inside the banger. It turns into vapor on contact (or almost) after reaching the right temperature. For this, you will need the use of a dabbing tool, which we discuss below.

Stamp tool:

It is not an attached part of the platform. However, it is an essential component (mainly if you are using oil rather than wax), so we list it here. Once your nail or banger has been heated to the right temperature, you’ll want to use your concentrate there – Enter the dab tool, which can even be made from a material spread.

However, glass, quartz and metal are the most common. These usually look like some sort of writing stylus. Their main job is to demand a small amount of your chosen concentrate and place or hold it near the heat of the nail. The heat given off by the element will be enough to show the vapor concentration, which you will then “smoke” – and speaking of concentrate.

Secondary notes

When it comes to firecrackers and nails, each material has its pros and cons. Quartz is reasonable and retains heat, but is heavy and takes time to heat up. Ceramics are lightweight and heat up quickly but lose that heat quickly and can be very brittle. Titanium is durable but can discolor with use, and some claim it can give concentrates an “off” flavor. Our advice is to undertake different types and see what you prefer.

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