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7 Best Cannabis Trimming Machines

While hand pruning reigns supreme among artisanal growers and small operations, commercial cannabis pruning machines play a vital role in shaping the products that make their way through the supply chain. For many large commercial producers and brands, a high quality commercial mower that mimics hand cutting and processes dozens of pounds per hour is a necessary tool to stay profitable, efficient and competitive.

Instead of searching for the best trimmer in the industry, growers and processors should first consider exactly what makes the most marketability. cutting equipment unique to determine how each system will most effectively fit into an operation. Factors such as size, automation, feed direction and moisture level (wet size vs. dry cut) will all play different roles in determining what is best for each operator. We’ve rounded up seven of the industry’s leading commercial cutting machines to consider adding to your operation.

What to consider before buying your mower

Wet, dry or both?

In the harvest and post-harvest process, the precise size of cannabis buds is considered by many to be one of the most crucial steps in preparing flowers for sale. Companies have to choose if they want to prune their buds before or after the drying process. Wet pruning involves removing plant leaves from buds directly after harvest, and dry pruning is done after the buds have been harvested and dried. Trimmers process wet buds faster than dry buds, but dry trimming preserves more trichomes and is known to produce more potent buds that smoke smoother. A growing number of commercial bud trimmers on the market today are capable of both wet and dry flower trimming, allowing companies to adjust their harvesting methods as demand and demand changes. optimize profits.

Size and capacity

In response to growing popularity and state-by-state legalization, the cannabis industry continues to grow. For many cannabis companies, scaling up is inevitable. It’s wise to consider the potential growth of your business when deciding which commercial trimmer to buy. Larger trimmers can handle larger amounts of flowers more efficiently, but it’s also important to consider the specific limitations and needs of your facility. Some trimmers are intentionally designed to fit through standard doorways or equipped with wheels for easy transportation. Depending on your specific needs, it may be better to purchase several smaller trimmers rather than a single large head trimmer.

Automated systems

Many brands now offer almost entirely automated systems which replace the work of a room full of workers. These systems allow for continuous feeds, standardization across multiple harvest sites, and advanced sorting capabilities that separate small and large buds from medium buds as well as kief collection. Automated systems can dramatically increase the efficiency, capacity and profits of cannabis businesses. Even if your business isn’t ready to invest in a complete system, it can be beneficial to choose a brushcutter with this kind of integration potential. For companies that engage in dry cutting, an automated system can more closely compete with the efficiency of wet cutting.

Horizontal or vertical feed

There are two general types of commercial trimmers that cannabis businesses can choose from: horizontal trimmers and vertical trimmers. Horizontal mowers are sometimes called goblets, and upright mowers are sometimes called tabletop mowers, even though they sit on the ground. Tom’s Tumbler Python 200 is an example of a horizontal mower model and the Greenbroz Model M is an example of a vertical model. Neither type of trimmer is definitively superior, and it’s important to explore different designs and choose the best trimmer for your setup.

Quality is key

Investing in a commercial clipper is a big decision for any cannabis business, whether starting or extend to a multi-state operation. There are many trimmers on the market capable of producing quality trim, but there is a lot to consider beyond the physical design. When exploring trimmer options, companies should be aware of the practices and policies of different trimmer brands. Before investing in expensive equipment, make sure you can establish a relationship of trust with the manufacturer of your machine.

EZ Trim Bud Trimmer

Price: $8,999

When it comes to commercial mowers, EZ Trim offers a machine that is comparatively lower priced than others on the market while still maintaining impressive efficiency. the EZ Trim Bud Trimmer can handle wet and dry buds at competitive speeds. Its average output is 11 pounds per hour with dry buds and 44 pounds per hour with wet buds. This lightweight machine is slim enough to fit through a standard doorway and easy enough to carry. The EZ Trimmer has an array of adjustable variables to suit wet and dry buds appropriately, as well as different strains, sizes, and growing methods.


Triminator XL

Price: $13,800

heaviness Triminator XL is one of the largest dry drum trimmers on the market with patented lubricant-free technology, fanless closed-loop system and angled shear band design. The set-and-forget timer allows the operator to perform other tasks while the buds are moved through the machine, and the lock-and-load pivot system makes loading easy. Even though it processes up to 60 pounds of dry flower per hour, this machine maintains a quality finished product and captures 100% of the trim.


Green Broz Model M

Price: $17,505

Veteran-owned cannabis tech company GreenBroz is making its Model M USA dry trimmer and features patented rolling blades that gently remove resinous leaves from buds without damaging trichomes. The Model M can handle 16 pounds of dry flower in an hour and over 30 pounds of dried flower with its M+ automated cutting system. Its customizable HMI control system can be easily standardized for consistent multi-state operation. Unlike tunnel trimmers, the Model M also allows you to visualize your product throughout its processing, allowing operators to refine and optimize the quality of their end product.


CenturionPro 3.0

Price: $21,995

the CenturionPro 3.0 is constructed of stainless steel with nitrided cutting blades, comes with a 10 year warranty and offers additional spare parts kits at a reasonable price. CenturionPro claims its mower can replace up to 100 workers with its dual-purpose hybrid cups. It features an 8 hp 3-phase vacuum system and superb airflow capability. With its adjustable speed controls, the 3.0 can process up to 25 pounds of dry flowers or 125 pounds of wet flowers in just one hour.


Tom’s Tumbler Python 200

Price: $24,000

Tom’s Tumbler Python 200 is one of the most efficient dry trimmers on the market, with the ability to handle up to 200 pounds of dry flower per hour. It’s over nine feet long and weighs 700 pounds, but its capabilities make up for its bulk. The tumbler’s bladeless technology uses the friction between the flowers as they tumble to separate the resinous leaves from the buds. It includes three industrial motors that drive the auger feeder, the tumbler and the device that transports the finished product to a collection bin.


Twister BatchOne

Price: $25,463

Twister’s horizontal feed dry trimmer has the capacity to handle up to 88 pounds of flowers per hour. It is specially designed to prevent stalling with a ¼ HP motor and ultra-fine saddle adjustments. the Twister BatchOne comes with 360 wheels for easy transportation and is designed to fit through standard doorways. Its quick-release cup and detachable control box make cleaning a quick task with minimal risk of damage. Twister also provides food grade stackable and nestable collection bins to capture toppings. The machine is designed for both efficiency and ease of use.


Mobius M108S

Price: $44,300

the Mobius M108S is a rather large and heavy bud trimming machine that would be overkill for the home grower, but packs a serious punch. The M108S can process up to 60 pounds of dry flowers per hour and 120 pounds of wet flowers per hour. With its air wire tension cup, this machine gives the flower much wider access to the blade systems than traditional sheet metal cups. This feature allows the product to spend less time in the cup, minimizing damage to the buds. The M108S also features a fully integrated trim separator and vacuum, as well as a completely hoseless design.

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