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5 Tips To Cool Your Smoke Sesh Down This Summer

The bright sun illuminating the trees, the birds singing beautiful songs all around you; everything looks so saturated and bright! Whether you are a seasoned cannabis smoker or just starting out, smoking in nature is always an amazing experience. You might be wondering how to keep your smoke session cool this summer so you can enjoy all the wonders of a smoke session in nature without worrying about the summer heat. We’re here to bring you the top five, let’s get started!


Using a Percolator Water Hose

Instead of smoking a joint in the heat and the smoke burning your lungs; a Water pipe for percolator has an extra chamber to cool the smoke in two ways.

The smoke first comes into contact with water, which initially cools it. Additionally, the pressure in the percolator breaks the smoke down into tiny bubbles. This cools the smoke even more as it is once again in contact with water, this time over a larger area.

A percolator bong takes your smoking experience to the next level by condensing the smoke, allowing you to inhale a bigger hit while causing less discomfort to your lungs and throat.

THC/CBD drinks

If we’re being honest, the cannabis industry has come a long way. From sloppy rolled joints to fancy marijuana edibles; There is something for every taste. A good way to stay cool during your smoking session is to grab a nice cold drink. Introducing Cannabis Infused Drinks! There’s an array of options to choose from, from cannabis-infused teas to cannabis-infused lemonade.

Use a gravity bong

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned marijuana smoker, sometimes hearing “gravity bong” can seem confusing and a bit intimidating. We are here to make sure that using a gravity bong is the way to go! Essentially the physics of the gravity bong is quite simple, it uses water and gravity by submerging a bottle with a bowl of weed on top into another larger bottle of water, which then fills the chamber with smoke while you light the bowl. After unscrewing the lid, the smoker pushes the bottle down which then pushes the smoke directly into the lungs.

Alternatively, there are more sophisticated forms of gravity bongs, such as the one from 3Lawsuits. It uses the negative pressure created by water falling from one chamber to the other to draw air through the bowl; which in turn replaces the empty space with smoke as the water flushes it out. Then, once returned, the pressure of the water falling back into the previously smoke-filled chamber pushes the smoke back into your lungs!

Add frozen fruit to bong water

While adding ice/frozen fruit to your bong water often is not recommended, on those very humid summer days it is sometimes nice to add a little treat to your hit. . Any fruit you find in your kitchen can be frozen and added to the bong water to cool your hit. Not only will this provide plenty of flavor with every hit, but using frozen fruit in your bong can have added benefits for keeping the glass clean. This trick works especially well with fruity cannabis strains!

Make pipes with fruit

If you don’t want to wait for the fruit to freeze for your bong water, you can turn the fruit into a separate pipe! Not only will fruit juice cool your puff and make it taste amazing, but right after you finish smoking, you can eat it afterwards.

Let’s say you want to start with something basic, like an apple. First find a decent sized apple and use a pen to create a funnel around the top – don’t go all the way or the cannabis will fall out when you pack – then use the pen to poke a hole in the side that joins the first hole. As simple as that! Once you become a pro there are a ton of different fruits to test your pipe making abilities with.

Happy Toking!

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