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5 Reasons Why You Should Finally Buy a Bong

Using a bong is not the best way to get started in the world of weed. There are cheaper and more convenient methods of consumption, after all. However, once you’ve been in the weed for a few months or years, there comes a time when buying a bong is the best gift you can give yourself. Here are some of the reasons why this is the case.

1 – Clean and smooth strokes

There are many types of bongs and many ways to put them together, from compact and inexpensive travel bongs to unique pieces like DopeBoo Cheech & Chong Glass Bongs. However, what all cheap and expensive bongs have in common is water filtration. This is a system where the smoke from your weed – or other assorted herbs – passes through a reservoir of water before making its way through the rest of the bong.

The water traps the tar and other impurities present in the smoke. This results in a much smoother and cleaner stroke. This is one of the main reasons cannabis veterans often cite bongs as their favorite way to consume weed.

2 – Contain the clutter

Although using a bong still requires heat and lighting, the process is much cleaner than rolling a joint or even smoking a pipe. The ground weed used by the bong is placed in a bowl inside the bong, where most of the ash and tar will be contained. The little ash and tar that rises with the smoke will be filtered by the water.

This means you won’t have to worry about having smoke all over the house or keeping an ashtray nearby. Your bong will get dirty over time, but the mess will be contained in the bong, which you can easily wash off once in a while.

3 – Theoretically safer

If you’re wondering, yes, the fact that cannabis smoke goes through the water filtration process should make this smoke less harmful to your health. At least in theory. In practice, many health experts doubt the magnitude of the difference – the smoke that gets into your lungs is always bad no matter what. However, even if using a bong is only 5% healthier than smoking a joint, it’s not nothing. Especially if weed is part of your daily routine.

4 – Modify the experience

There’s a reason the cannabis world doesn’t have a single industry-standard bong that everyone uses. There are hundreds of different ways to make a bong, and everything from the materials used to the shape of the bong chambers can affect the puffs produced by the bong.

This variation makes bongs a great way to breathe new life into your favorite herbs. The right bong can make cheap weed taste more premium than it is, and it will allow you to detect much more flavor and quality on premium weed.

For example, one thing this guide hasn’t mentioned yet is how bongs cool weed smoke. This cooling effect – in addition to water filtration – also makes the hit much softer. And you can make the smoke cooler or hotter depending on your preference by changing the type of bong you use.

There are also different ways to approach changing the temperature of the smoke. Glycerin bongs are a good example. As you can find at DopeBoo, these are bongs that come with a removable glycerin coil. You can place this coil in the freezer and then attach it to your bong when you’re ready to smoke, so the coil cools the smoke as it rises.

5 – Express your identity

Bongs are more than a practical tool – they’re a decorative piece and a beautiful one to boot. You don’t have to go far beyond the $100 price range to find beautiful bongs that you can proudly display in your living room. Of course, bongs also look great in selfies, and they’re a great way to enjoy weed with friends.

That’s not to say that bongs should be overrated. There are also many “stealth” bongs, which are designed to look like harmless everyday objects. It’s a great option if you frequently entertain seats at home or are worried about forgetting your bong in the background on a work video call.

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