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3 Weed Products Comedian Jocelyn Chia Can’t Live Without

Since giving up a career as a corporate lawyer to go into stand-up, Jocelyn Chia made its mark in the spotlight. Originally from Singapore until a move brought her to the United States at age 19, Chia’s dreams led to her comedic success internationally. Now, his comedic rap sheet continues to grow and includes some impressive feats. She was the winner in 2016 Ladies of Laughter Contestguest-hosted MTV Uncommon sense with Charlamagne tha Godand opened for Bill Burr in September 2021 at West Side Comedy Club in New York – to name a few.

And comedy has always been in his blood. Talk to Mumble Comedy in 2019Chia felt encouragement and her comedic spark blossomed in a program called She creates for change, sharing, “At the end of the show, we had a ‘call party’ where all the women stood in a semi-circle, and one woman sat in the middle. Everyone then called what they thought her call was based on what they knew about her. When it was my turn, someone said, ‘Jocelyn, you’re so so funny. Every time you speak, I wait to see if people laugh, and they always do. I want to see you do stand-up. And that’s how it all started. »

Since the start of the COVID lockdowns in 2020, Chia was introduced to cannabis by a friend working in the industry, “She took me on my very first trip to the dispensary and I went crazy that night for the first time… I’ve taken edibles since.

His favourites? Anything with a good CBD:THC ratio: “Personally, I take it to relax my muscles when I have back and jaw pain. I love THC:CBD combinations. My doctor said that adding a splash of THC to CBD products seems to make it more effective because it somehow makes the brain more receptive to the effects of CBD.

Chia even fell in love with cannabis – well, sort of. “I actually thought I had fallen in love for the first time in my life, but it turned out to be just cannabis – not love. I went on a date with this guy and he gave me an edible that was supposed to be very sweet,” she shared. “It was in New York where weed was legal but not yet available for distribution, and he said [it] was more of a CBD [edible] because he could just buy it at the corner store and it was not regulated. So I took two! Well, that night kissing me, I got so high I thought I had to fall in love. I had never been so high in my entire life, but it really made me open up to him about me and my life and what I wanted in a relationship and it was an intense bonding experience. The next day I asked to see what F I had taken the day before – it was this product called Delta-8 which has apparently escaped regulation so far, but can really get you high.

Currently in the middle of her West Coast tour, Chia is delivering her stand-up comedy to Los Angeles for the first time. Other than that, you can catch her performing regularly in New York, with a myriad of stand-up dates coming up.

Jocelyn Chia’s Favorite Cannabis Products

Chia discovered weed when she was staying on the West Coast. “I’m heavily influenced by my time in Oregon where I first encountered cannabis, and two of the three brands I use regularly are based in Oregon.”

Wyld Gummies

Wyld offers a plethora of gummies featuring popular cannabinoid combinations and flavors. “I love Wyld’s CBD:THC combo gummies. So delicious!”

Available: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon

Pure Craft CBD

“I also use Pure Craft’s water-soluble CBD, which uses nanotechnology and is said to be absorbed by the body faster,” Chia said. You can find Pure Craft dyes in line.

Available: Nationwide

Dr. Jolly’s THC

To make her cannabis experience more complete, Chia tends to use her CBD and THC products at the same time. “I like to add a few drops of Dr. Jolly’s THC to my [Pure Craft CBD] to activate the CBD as my doctor recommended.

Available: Oregon

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