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26 Websites to Buy Weed Online in California

Our friends at Weedhorn, an online cannabis periodical that we were initially inspired by, have rebranded themselves as a fully functional and decidedly hip online weed dispensary. Feed sent is premium marijuana delivery service which supplies its delicious wares to Oakland, Sacramento and soon to San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Los Angeles and San Diego. Having partnered with new faces and stalwarts of the cannabis and beer industry such as Guild Snippets, Dad and Barkley, Whoopi and Maya, Elyon Cannabis Farm, Cookies and Lagunitas, Flowsent seeks to make a name for itself by providing customers with high quality cannabis flower and oil products at low prices – with every purchase.


I signed up with Woahstork about three years ago when they were just tiny babies still learning to crawl on the shag carpet that was then the cannabis industry in California. Now my inbox is hit every other day by them. Why? Well, I’m sure it’s because they sell weed, because that’s something I often look for. I can’t say specifically what sets Woahstork apart from the others on this list other than a very unique logo and the ability to DNA test your cannabis strain on their website. Whatever the case, you can choose from a multitude of products to buy weed online in California.



Just a few years ago when I started KushCA, the cannabis industry was kind of in a renaissance period, as different companies were shoving their way into people’s pockets and competing for that proverbial pie in the sky. Now, it seems the state is saturated with cannabis companies. So what set is Puffy apart from? MARKETING (and I’m not making this up either, check out their website). That and they claim to provide some of the fastest delivery times in California. Similar to the aforementioned Eaze, Puffy has some serious tech dollars that will keep it afloat for years to come, making it perhaps Eaze’s biggest competitor for where to buy weed online in California. . (Note: As of February 20, 2021, Puffy delivery remains closed)

A company whose logo speaks Cannabis’ fastest growing population, Ganja Goddess is a women-owned company that celebrates the beauty, power and appeal of all things cannabis. Founded in 2011 when I was just a little resin-smoking boy, GG is a medical marijuana delivery co-op dedicated to providing safe, discreet, and affordable access to cannabis with support. benevolent online. Now that weed is legal statewide, they can ditch the holistic jive and focus on providing convenient and affordable weed online for all California residents (21 and older). Enter promotional code QRNIKWAWFA14 for 10% off your first order.

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When it comes to buying weed online in California, I have to represent the Mission because it’s one of the few authentic neighborhoods left in San Francisco. And Mission Organics stands for Mission hard. If you happen to be on the go and don’t feel like stepping over Violet Star Dispensary (which I strongly encourage you NOT to do), check them out instead as they have been around for much longer (since 2012 to be exact). Stop by their brick and mortar store or just buy your weed online – they deliver all over SF and the surrounding peninsula.

Weedmaps was one of the first websites I used when I started my foray into drunkenness. Being a Los Angeles-based tech and media company, I always wondered why they didn’t use their clout and clout to start selling pot themselves. I guess they thought the same thing, and here we are. Weedmaps works similar to Eaze, Nugg, Meadow, Greenrush, etc. in that it aggregates all the pot companies here so you can choose the best one for you. However, they recently found themselves in hot water during illegal advertising and data breaches. If you’re looking to buy weed online in California, Weedmaps is a good place to start.


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