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10 Best Cannabis Sex Gifts This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the sexiest day of all, isn’t it? A day full of fun, romance and passion. A day without stress, just love. Well, unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. In fact, if you’re like me, you might see Valentine’s Day as just another day that could go horribly wrong if you don’t do the right things.

Cannabis and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand for many stoners. In fact, cannabis and sex are probably the two best things imaginable if combined in the right way. So today I’m going to help ease your anxiety by telling you which cannabis sex gifts to buy your lover for Valentine’s Day. Hope after that you can have a day full of fun and passion.

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with Valentine’s Day gifts for stoners? From candy to condoms, cannabis and Valentine’s Day go together like… peanut butter and jelly. For more articles like thisand for exclusive deals on vapes, edibles, tinctures and more, be sure to subscribe to The weekly THC newsletter! We also have great deals on cannabinoids like HHC-O, delta 8, Delta 9 THC, Delta-10 THC, THCO, THCV, THCP & HHC which you can find by visiting our “Best-of” lists!

1. Love chocolate

Chocolate is always a safe bet on Valentine’s Day. In fact, some say chocolate was the first gift in history given as a token of love. Obviously it was a joke, it was probably a rock or something. Nevertheless, chocolate tastes good, but what if it could be even better? Love chocolate is a special type of candy that can not only include cannabis, but also other ingredients that act as the perfect aphrodisiac.

Cannabis-infused 1906 Love Chocolates take about 15-20 minutes to kick off, which is just the right amount of time for a bit of friendly foreplay. This product uses a variety of ingredients to trigger arousal including: damiana, ashwagandha and theobromine. All of these are known to increase libido and blood flow. Plus, they are infused with THC which is known to increase sexual pleasure. This could be the perfect and most delicious cannabis gift for your lover this Valentine’s Day.

2. Condoms

Imagine a condom that not only encourages safer sex, but also tastes like cannabis. Well, imagine no more. A company in (of course) Amsterdam released “cannadom”. These condoms have the aroma and appearance of cannabis, without actually containing it. This is ideal, especially for those of you who don’t live in a country where recreational cannabis has yet to be legalized. This product is legal everywhere. QG writing :

“If you’re a safe sex enthusiast who’s also a weed addict, welcome to the best day of your life”

3. Massage Oil

Sex is all well and good, but giving a massage shows true selflessness. A massage, if done well, is pleasant, soothing and definitely arousing. However, when you combine a slow, steamy massage with CBD massage oil, there’s nothing else quite like it. Juna CBD Massage Oil is made from CBD sourced from farms in Colorado. It contains lavender, turmeric, geraniums and jojoba oil. It smells great. Although CBD doesn’t get you high like THC does, it does have calming and anti-anxiety effects, as well as vasodilation. This widens the veins and allows more blood to the important sexual areas. CBD massage oil could unlock your sex life this Valentine’s Day.

4. Lubricant

Lubrication is essential for any successful romantic relationship. Although not everyone wants to use it, it’s still a great option in the bedroom. But, THC-infused lube is on a different level. Not only does it lubricate your lover, but it also enhances the pleasures of sex. Quim rock night move is a THC infused lubricant that increases libido and sensations wherever you choose to place it. Not only that, but it is very safe and healthy to use on the reproductive parts of the body. Its very important. There’s nothing sexier than good health. A satisfied customer said:

“It was like stretching my legs out on the beach and letting my lady bits bask in the sun.”

Get some THC lube for your partner this Valentine’s Day and watch them enjoy sex like never before.

5. Candles

Candles can be the most sensual gifts in the world. The smell and the candlelight are just incredibly romantic. However, what if we add CBD into the mix? CBD Daily Original Mint Candle works as both a candle and a moisturizer. Rather than melting into candle wax, this product will melt into the perfect massage oil. Essentially, you can use it to massage your partner, while enjoying the soothing smell of mint. The ingredients of peppermint, eucalyptus oil and CBD will completely relax your body and your partners. Be selfless this Valentine’s Day with a 2-in-1 massage oil and candle.

6. Dry Herb Vaporizer

You know what? Sometimes Valentine’s Day is the day to spend some money. Chocolates and creams are all well and good, but how about a reliable and revolutionary kit? The dry herb vaporizer will unlock your lover’s cannabis experience. Not only that, but you can enjoy it together before, during or after your sexual endeavors. Vaping is healthier, but also easier to do indoors.

So you can vape under the sheets while doing the rest. The Pax 3 is my go-to personal vape because it’s sleek, beautifully designed, and has incredible power. The chamber allows you to store the perfect amount of dry cannabis buds for vaping. In addition, the specific temperature control function allows you to get the most out of your cannabis, increasing aromas and potency. At around $200, you will make your partner a very lucky person.

7. Love Potion

The love potion is like a magic elixor that increases sexual desire and calms you down. It really is like something out of Harry Potter… if Harry Potter wasn’t a series of children’s movies. Again, this product highlights how much you care about your partner’s pleasure. It also highlights how much cannabis can improve people’s sex lives. Cannabis Love Potion Drops are a herbal and cannabis infused aphrodisiac that you can simply pour into your mouth. It contains both THC and CBD for increased pleasure and anti-anxiety qualities. In addition, the guarantee improves sexual desire and ginseng stimulates libido. What a beautifully sexy concoction.

8. Vape Cartridge

If you want to buy a cool looking and game-changing vaping device, but don’t really have the pocket to spend more than $10, look no further. Cartridge vaporizers tend to be cheaper because they don’t require the same design to heat dry cannabis buds, but instead heat cannabis oils. The G-pen cannabis vaporizer is cheap and reliable, and looks spectacular. It also uses micro-usb charging, which makes it even easier to use. With this, you can vaporize CBD or THC oils with your lover to enhance the pleasures in your sex life.

9. THCV Carts

If you want to give your lover something special and cool for Valentine’s Day, how about something new and exciting? cannabinoid cartridges? You will of course need a vape cart. The United States is leading the charge in discovering incredible new cannabinoids, some much stronger than the usual THC. Remember that cannabis contains over 100 different cannabinoids and THCV is new and coming soon. Binoid’s THCV cart is one of the strongest on the market. Plus, it tastes like candy. This product will relax your partner and increase sexual pleasure. This gift is definitely for cannabis connoisseurs. If your partner loves cannabis, then this gift might be the most remarkable.

10. Vibrator

Vibrators are one of the greatest gifts to give your partner. It shows that you put their pleasure above your own. In fact, in some cases, it shows that you put their enjoyment above your own ego. Many women and men have much better sexual experiences when using a vibrator, so why not make their Valentine’s Day even more special with a new one. However, to continue on the topic of cannabis, the Mary-Jane ‘cannabis leaf teaser pleaser’ will be unlike anything you have seen before. This vibrator is waterproof and perfect for bathtime fun, as well as outside of the bath during sex. The design is also perfect and well suited for any cannabis lover.


Valentine’s Day is about being selfless and romantic. Well, with these 10 new gift ideas, Valentine’s Day is about to get a whole lot more exciting and passionate. Why not try one – or all – of them? You will definitely see a smile on your lover’s face. Personally, I think I could try to get a few for my partner.

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