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10 Amazing Women in Cannabis Today

Article by Lisa Snyder

Tokeativity is a global community of active cannabis users and business owners who believe in cannabis normalization, fairness and the empowerment of a modern consumer culture. We connect through creative, social and political, intersectional, feminist marketing activities and campaigns that help create radical and positive change.

Here are just 10 of our favorite women in the cannabis industry today!

Community Engagement Manager for The Last Prisoner Project and Founder of 87 Months

In 2013, Evelyn LaChapelle was convicted of three counts related to her minor role in a marijuana distribution operation and sentenced to 87 months in prison. She had no history and in fact had no clue that she was a repeat offender.

She personally lived through the war on drugs, her family has now lived through it, and her daughter was left without her mother because of it.

Partner, Kind Leaf Pendleton

Erin Purchase cured her daughter of cancer with cannabis and now works hard to help others in need through her clinic, Kind Leaf Pendleton.

look the video she recently recorded at our Tokeativity Social.

Founder of Radical Change, a learning, coaching and consulting company

Vonda Page coaches leaders to effect change with a focus on millennials, as they are the next workforce to help break patriarchal systems.

Page uses technology and psychology to help implement emotional intelligence in her work, including critical thinking, empathy, and understanding bias.

She works to shape the culture using the tools that have been used to oppress us. She recently did a TED TALK about her work.

This cannamom and social media influencer changed her life when she quit alcohol and turned on cannabis.

She’s launching a book and video course with Tokeativity titled “Mommy Jane’s Guide to Becoming a Cannabis Social Media Influencer” this spring!

CKTV Founder, Our Kind CBD Hair Products & Bridges Co-Founder: Courages Conversations about Race Equity & Inclusion with Tokeativity, streaming TV soon!

Mskindness B. Ramirez changed the landscape of the cannabis industry by building bridges between businesses and people to increase understanding and awareness of modern day racism.

Ramirez has worked in partnership with us and so many others who have a deep desire for change and evolution. She is an amazing teacher and healer.

Founder of Glass Cardinal

After coping with an unexpected loss and a myriad of health issues, Suzanne Kludt and her family were experiencing severe stress-related side effects, including trouble sleeping, anxiety, heart palpitations, tension and of depression.

They launched Glass Cardinal, a CBD brand to help people like them work to soothe their bodies and minds.

Director of Marketing and Sales at Extractioneering, a luxury cannabis biotech company in Oregon and editor of Cured magazine

Simply put, Razia Hayden is a badass BIPOC woman who has taken the Oregon oil market by storm!

Extraordinary publicist

Zoe Wilder is our #1 woman in all things PR. It will help you put your brand in front of many eyes. Wilder has been a big supporter of women in space for a long time and is absolutely someone you want to get to know.

Founder of Vanguard Media Online

Tiffany Watkins has over twenty years of cannabis experience, working to empower and empower women around the world through her platform.

She is passionate about supporting women and making sure they succeed. She is also a co-host of Bridges and has helped elevate the conversation for the entire cannabis community, helping us all as a collective become aware of racism.

Founder of TONIC CBD

Brittany Carbone was looking for a natural way to manage her anxiety and depression that could help her like cannabis had in the past, but would be work-friendly.

As a personal trainer and health coach, she has extensive knowledge of herbal remedies and a passion for helping people feel their best.

Lisa Snyder is Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Tokeativity, The global feminist community for active cannabis cultivation. She is a feminist and plant medicine advocate with over 25 years of digital strategy experience and has passionately supported the self-healing revolution through consumer and plant medicine advocacy. .

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